7 Ways to Become more Spiritual in Life
Shut out the everyday noise going around. Be more Quiet. Listen to what is happening around you. Take a few minutes off every day and indulge in meditation. Close you eyes, take deep breaths, concentrate on your breath only. Silence is a beautiful way of discovering yourself.
Re-arrange your Surroundings.
Remember like attracts like. Be with people that uplift you. Avoid all kinds of negativity. Pay attention to the surrounding you are in. Enhance your own space in office, re-arrange the display of the flower or the furniture that you have around. Every thing around you has an energy and make sure you are intentionally in good energy surroundings.
Be more Aware of your Dreams
When we sleep our conscious mind is put to rest and our sub-conscious is highly active. Be more conscious of your Dreams. It’s a good way of understanding yourself better. If possible maintain a dream diary where you record your dreams every morning. Read this diary after a while (1-2 months) you will discover a lot of your own deep-seated thoughts.
Practice Yoga
The actual translation of Yoga is Union with the Higher Self. Yoga is an ancient practice of certain physical and breathing exercises developed by rishis in the past. These yogic poses are developed after scientific research and they have helped people attain more peace and union with the creative powers of the Universe.
Connect with Nature
Go for a walk. Take in all the sound, smell, color, feeling and everything that you see around you. Remember God intended you to be Natural. The earth has music for those who listen. Nature is inspirational and it can be great cleanser for the mind and body.
Read and Listen to Spiritual Talk
Indulge in self-help books. Read blogs, teaching by Gurus and Maharishis. These are very practical and fitting for a modern lifestyle. Subscribe to spiritual magazines. Knowledge will only increase when you read more and apply it in real life.
Take some time off , close your eyes and visualize. Visualize doing what you really like. Send out happy thoughts. Picture your loved ones in abundance and prosperity. See yourself doing what you really love. Give out thanks for this. See all your dreams come true in a movie like visualization. This is a very powerful technique