Meaning of Spiritualism
Meaning of Spiritualism
The literal meaning of spiritualism is that which is coming out of the spirit. It is a process of reformation of the self in the vision of god- to be how god intended us to be. It is associated with a union of one with the higher self- that which is above worldly and material things. It is the “ecclesiastical sphere of light against the dark world of matter“.
Does belief in God make you Spiritual?
A a theist be. An atheist and a theist bind themselves to the belief that there is or there isn’t God. Spirituality is not binding. It is freeing oneself. Spirituality accepts that I do not know anything and I am on the path of learning and self –discoveryn atheist cannot be Spiritual. Neither can. Unlike religion there is no finality or end point to it, it is a continuous path of learning and re-learning.
What is Spiritual Experience?
Going to the mountain or taking a dip in the ocean is not necessarily a sure shot way of having a spiritual experience.Spirituality cannot be achieved by inducing an external element. It has to be experienced from within. The act of going for a holiday is not uplifting but if that involves deeply touching your soul in a way which is above material things or the feeling of possession- that freedom is a spiritual experience.
Spiritualism in Hinduism
Hinduism has no centralized governing body which binds it practitioners to abide by a certain law or school of thought. Hindus can chose to be polytheistic, pantheistic, monistic, or atheistic. Hinduism defines spirituality as a journey to achieve moksha, awareness of one self, discovering higher truths which free one from material attachment and is more driven towards a liberated self.
Spiritualism in Sufism
Spirituality in Sufism entails a spiritual master or pir transmitting knowledge to it’s disciples. They practice spirituality by strongly adhering to peace, tolerance and against any form of violence. They define Sufism as a science by which one can travel to the presence of the Divine.
Spiritualism in Christianity
Spiritually awakened people have a deep sense of feeling towards Emotions. Each and every emotion they are going through is fully and completely experienced. When they feel joy- they feel it fully. When they are sad or depressed they feel it at a very deep level. They are very connected with their higher self. Thus they are able to feel deep- seated emotions in a complete way.