Signs that You are Having a Spiritual Awakening
You are Developing your own Beliefs
When you are going through a Spiritual Awakening you find yourself often in contemplation of your own thoughts. You have a deep sense of understanding of what's going on around you. Within these meditations and musing you develop your own sense of beliefs which entail new ideas and concepts. You think out of the box and beyond the ordinary.
Deep Sense of Freedom
Material things don't attract you as much as those that give you a sense of Freedom. You appreciate thoughts and things which free your mind from burdens and things that weigh you down. True love or happiness cannot be attained from external things. This happens within. Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission.
You are more connected to Nature
During the process of Spiritual Awakening, you find yourself more drawn towards Nature and less towards people. We are all part of the Universe. In the end we are nothing but stardust. A quiet walk in Mother Nature nurtures your mind, body and soul. You feel deeply connected with God's natural creation. This gives you a sense of inspiration and connection.
You have increased Self Talk
If you find yourself talking to yourself more, don’t think of yourself as Crazy. It’s okay. You know yourself best. You are actually connecting with your higher self that knows your intentions best. You develop a new level of communicating and understanding of yourself. Indulge in as much self- talk. If you want, write down or record your own thoughts. Listen or read this later. It will be transformational.
More Conscious of Your Health
When you are on the path to spiritual awakening you not only become more conscious of your mental health but also of your physical health. You take care of what you eat and are naturally drawn towards healthier habits. You intentionally exercise or indulge in physical activity. You take care of your body and how it feels.
You feel your emotions Fully
Spiritually awakened people have a deep sense of feeling towards Emotions. Each and every emotion they are going through is fully and completely experienced. When they feel joy- they feel it fully. When they are sad or depressed they feel it at a very deep level. They are very connected with their higher self. Thus they are able to feel deep- seated emotions in a complete way.
Believe in Synchronicity
Synchronicity is nothing but more than coincidence events. There are many times we feel that certain lucky events that happen are a mere co-incidence. But it’s not. This is exactly a Synchronicity – a chain of events which are leading us to our path. If you feel you are becoming more aware and appreciative of these events, congratulations you are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening!