Signs that You are Having a Spiritual Awakening
What is Spiritual Practice?
A spiritual practice is the act of doing or participating in spiritual experiences to create spiritual development within oneself. The ultimate goal of attaining spiritual enlightenment is to get liberation, moksha or union with the higher self.
Signs that You are Having a Spiritual Awakening
Meditation is the best way to practice spiritual connection. Sit for 10 mins daily with your eyes closed. Take(inhale and exhale) long deep breaths and put your full attention to your breath only. This process calms your mind and releases toxins- emptying you of negative emotions so you can be filled with the power of positivity and fresh energy. Meditate daily as this connects you with the higher self.
Spend time with yourself
It is important to create time in the day where you are actually communicating with yourself. Listen to your thoughts, speak your heart out. Give emphasis to the little details of the thoughts in your mind. Share your secrets with yourself. You will discover some great things about you that you did not know before. This is a good process to vent and detox.You need to listen to yourself before speaking to the world.
Spiritual Study
Make it a daily habit to spend at least half an hour to one hour in learning more about Spirituality. Listen to spiritual podcasts or read books. While Spirituality is experiential, a major growth in our spiritual awakening happens when we learn philosophically from others.
Bless Your Food
“Ann hi Dhan hai” Health is your Wealth. You are what you eat. Thus give thanks for the food that you eat. Before every bite you take feel utmost gratitude for having food. Genuinely feel thankful for the nourishment, the energy and the taste your food provides. As you continue eating, concentrate completely on food and be grateful in every bite that you take.
Connect with your Body
Spiritually connect with your body. Accept your body the way it is and be thankful for it. Indulge in a form of daily exercise- dance, yoga, walking ,tennis- the choice is yours ! When you move your body you release all the knotted stress in your various joints. Just like we clean ourselves externally everyday with a bath we need to internally cleanse ourselves as well. Exercise helps releasing you of all hidden emotions, stress and the toxins within. Spiritually connect with your body through daily exercise.
Enjoy Every Moment
Remember the present moment is a Gift. Enjoy it to the core. Give a lot of love in each moment. Be grateful for the breath you take this very moment. Give and feel love. Life is a great miracle and you were born to experience joy, love and the fine things of life. Acknowledge it and appreciate it. You are blessed and you always will be.
Keep a non-judgmental approach
Keep a non-judgmental approach. Experience what is happening around without having a good or a bad opinion. Simply accept and experience each moment as it comes. Don’t think about the little things in life. Ignore your troubles and relish your successes. Keep an open mind to life and life will turn out to be a beautiful and worthwhile journey.