About Us

What is is India's leading online information search and services provider website. We provide information on the Ritual, Religion, Astrologers, Guru, Pandit and other related useful information used in day to day life and a happy experience. We aggregate, search, link and provide information on Astrology, Daily Horoscope, mantra, Meaning etc 10000+ temples details to provide the most trustworthy information at one is the brainchild of Debjit Patra - Founder, who launched it in 2016 and form the heart and soul of the company. Our team comprises of a passionate bunch of techies, product folks, content curators, marketing folks and designers. What binds us, you ask? Our love for Indian Religion and creating the best products in the Ritual and Religion Space.

What it is NOT?

We are not an seller of Books, Puja Material, Information, We don't sell you any material. In fact we don't sell anything at all. Since we don't sell anything we don't have a call centre either. If you have questions about any content need to contact us directly by the Link Contact us.

What is "You must Know"?

Religion is very vast in India and have different way of practice in different parts of World. We provide information on the religious, Ritual and Belief. We provide wide information on the Practice, Custom and Way of living.

How is different from other Religious portals or Puja, Spiritual Sites? is portal for providing information, it neither sell any material nor it offer to sell any information. It is just the informative site to provide vide knowledge. It is most comprehensive online research for Religious + Ritual + Belief + History