The art of predicting future or finding solutions of unnatural events of life by playing tarot cards is well known as tarot card reading. The tarot card reading is completely a mythological art. It is never connected with science; but when millions belief and follow; it indicates a different story. And it tells the story of the most successful spiritual art of the world of science and technology.

Tarot card reading may be originated in western Europe in 14th century. It is believed that it was first observed in Italy; then spread out to Germany and France; where it was developed. The exact origin of tarot card reading in India is still unknown. But some sources assume that these spiritual readings were brought in India from Europe somewhere between 17th to 18th century. Now it is one of the most popular astrological services in India.

Indian tarot card reading is much more different than western readings. The rules and deck of cards is similar; but conceptually real Indian tarot represents a different arena. From deck of 78 cards; there are 22 major symbolic cards and 56 minor cards. Indian tarots symbols are totally different from others. The basic concept of Indian tarot card reading is based on nava grahas and panch mahabhutas including God & Goddess of Hindu mythology.

Belief it or not; there are lots of stories to describe the success rate of Psychic Fortune Telling or Tarot Card Readings create faith on millions of people in India. You can know about graha dosha, spiritual or unnatural problems, future obstacles and many uncertain events of your life as well as symbols of good will, growth, wealth and fortunes can also be assumed. But one thing one should remember in tarot card reading is that always ask accurate questions and never lie in between playing or picking cards.

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