20 Things to know for having a temple at home.

Believing in God and worshiping him with all your heart will make you attain peace and happiness. Establishing a temple inside your house and following all the rituals will make your life much better, says mythology. There are positive as well as negative forms of energy, existing at different locations for certain reasons. Placing a temple will keep your home away from evil energies and emanate positive vibes bringing safety and satisfaction.

So if you are planning to install a temple at your home or already have one then consider these 20 things to keep in mind.


Puja at home


  • Rice grains should always be a common ingredient for performing any Puja. Keep in mind to use grains which are not broken. Soaking the rice grains in Turmeric water or paste is considered to be auspicious before using them for the Puja.
  • We should use betel leaf (Paan ke patte) for the purpose of puja. Cardamom, cloves and rose petals should be used along with the leaf. A complete whole leaf would be better.
  • Be careful that the diya should not blow out during the puja. If happens so then you may not get the proper result.
  • The procedure to be followed while worshipping any deity
    • Invite him
    • Pray
    • Give him a place to sit
    • Make him have a bath
    • Light diyas and incense stick
    • Offer him rice grain
    • Put chandar or sindoor on him
    • Offer flowers
    • Prasad or some kind of bhog should be offered.


Puja at home

  • Offer garlands of flowers and leaves.
  • Before lighting up a Diya you should wash it properly.
  • To please Lord Vishnu we should offer clothes made of yellow coloured silk. Goddess Durga, Surya devta and Ganeshji should be offered red clothes. And white coloured cloth for Lord Shiva.We should also worship Kuldevta, Vastu devta, gram devta.
  • You should never move your prayer asan with your feet. Consider using your hands regarding its usage.
  • If you light up Diya with Ghee in it everyday, then many vastu related problems will be solved.
  • Surya devta, Goddess Durga, Lord Vishnu, and Our 5 Gods should be worshipped on any good occasion. You can attain wealth and health by doing this.
  • Tulsi or Basil leaves are not considered stale till 11 days. You can reuse them by sprinkling water for purpose of worship.
  • Always light up a Diya exactly in front of the idol.
  • For lighting up Ghee Diyas use white cotton, and red cotton for oil Diyas.
  • Do not use broken Diya or any other products. This is not considered to be auspicious.
  • For mental stability offer wood apple leaves (bel patta) to Lord Shiva. While worshipping any God to fulfil a wish you should always make a donation (dakshina). While donating take a resolution to stop any of your bad habits. The faster you eradicate your negativity, the sooner your wish gets fulfilled.
  • You can perform circles around idols the following times
    • Vishnu – 4 times
    • Ganesha – 3 times
    • Surya devta – 7 times
    • Durga – 1 time
    • Lord Shiva – half circle


Puja at home


  • Whenever there is some important task or event going to be performed then worship swastik, kalash and 9 planetary Gods.
  • Do not place any object or garbage on top of the temple at your home.
  • Never offer Chandan and water from divine conch (sankh) to Lord Shiva.
  • Do not enter the puja place wearing slippers or shoes. Don’t take leather belts or purse inside as well.



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