5 Best Yoga and Meditation Retreats in India

India, primarily the founding place of Yoga, is a dreamland for every yoga and meditation enthusiast. Yoga and meditation are quite popular these days as we are on a quest to find equilibrium in our lives by stabilizing our work issues, social distractions given by recent technology and looking for a space where we can give more time to relaxation and lessening our dependency on technology. So, India as a hub for spirituality is a wonderful place to learn yoga and meditation as there are several institutes here teaching these practices and making our lives more concentrated at the center. So, what we have brought today is a list of the best 5 Yoga and meditation retreats that will minimize your research and where you will find yourself learning Yoga and various other healing procedures, spending your time meditating and making a great change in your life with a new way of balanced living.


Osho Meditation Resort, Pune




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Osho Meditation Resort is an unusual blend of uniqueness and simplicity of Yoga and meditation. The premises of this retreat include spa, pool, cyber-café and many sports recreational areas and this is a modern type of resort for those looking to be away from the crowded life of cities and escaping into the green and lush landscapes in which this resort is set. Apart from teaching yogic living, you can also have tai-chi, chi-gong, and Zen archery classes here and maroon and white robes are supplied to everyone for their yoga and meditation sessions. What’s better is the night time meditation under the full moon, music shows and also movies are screened here to provide a complete recreation environment.


Isha Yoga Centre, Velliangiri Mountains




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This non-profit resort has a philosophy of supporting no religious beliefs and teaching its visitors the pure knowledge of yoga. Its location is stunningVelliangiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu with cool breezes and serene aura plus this haven offers an intensive yoga retreat program for all who are either beginners or experienced, thus providing them with a perfect opportunity to absorb the real yogic way of life.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Bangalore

Shreyas Yoga Retreat is more of a luxury destination with situated away from the teeming streets of Bangalore and giving everyone a chance to blend in a clean and calm landscape. This place not only has Ayurvedic touch to the served Vegetarian food but also gives relaxation and revitalization treatments to the members here by offering massages and other several healing procedures. The retreat is available with all type of courses for learners and intermediates with an amazing open-air classroom setting.

Purple Valley, Goa




Yoga, Photo by Andrew Kalat, CC BY-ND 2.0


Purple Valley is a modern resort differentiated from the partying locations of Goa and available with Wi-Fi, detox methods and massage procedure for guests. The specialty of this place is ashtanga yoga teachers and unique yoga sessions held on yogic philosophy and living. An Ayurvedic chef provides the guest with food buffet having a different Ayurvedic way of cooking and use of spices. What’s more is the tranquil aura of Portuguese styles houses and backyards where you can wander all day and meditate to find your inner being. Further, if you want to get any treatment done here through Ayurvedic medicines then several doctors and masseuse are also available here to cure and heal through their incomparable treatment procedures.

International Center for Yoga Education and Research, Puducherry

This site is an ancient gurukul version presenting the teacher training courses for those who want to learn yoga at more of a strict and discipline level. Three week courses on Yantra are the main forte of International Center for Yoga Education and Research in Puducherry. An austere vegetarian diet is available here with no consumption of alcohol or drugs, so if you want to be away from western way of living with non-vegetarian foods, alcohol and drugs, then this is an ideal place for you to begin a new eastern way of life putting more emphasis on mind and soul rather than senses. Moreover, this retreat will assist you to be detached from the outer world and connect more deeply to your inner needs thus creating a complete coordination between your mind and soul.


Hence these top-rated Yoga and Meditation retreats are a great way to disconnect oneself from the daily hectic life and learning to live a calmer living. Although many of these are luxury destinations that will cost you more but when you will leave them after spending some two or three months, you will surely find yourself changed into a very different and quiet persona. So, pack your bags to indulge you next holidays, not at a hill station but these tranquil heavens of Yoga in India and take the first step towards a more balanced life.


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