5 Must Try Fashionable Rangoli For This Diwali

On Diwali, we decorate our homes with different lights, colored- candles, beautiful Diyas and surpassing Rangolis. Our main focus is on ‘How to make our Diwali Rangoli more attractive, marvelous and stunning for these festivities and thus we work hard to represent them in a most prodigious way. Peeps especially girls try their hands to design the best possible Rangolis with different materials, forms, and sublime ways. Legends say this tradition of creating Rangolis with numerous concrete stuff have been first introduced by ‘Maharastrian’ people and then carry forwarded to different states of India. Here we are sharing some majestic ways to make an appealing and mind-boggling design of Rangolis by using incompatible stuff and ideas.

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Diwali Rangoli

Fashionable Rangoli

1. Floral or Flower Rangoli

It is one of the most popular and easiest forms of Rangoli. We can create many concentric circles to create a lovely big circle Rangoli. We can also search various alluring Rangolis on Google to frame them in a single design. Try Experimenting with beautiful diyas and Candles in the middle and make it super unique in all ways.

2. Beads and Wooden Rangoli

If we are looking for some artistic and beguiling type of Rangoli, then we must use wooden ‘Blocks’ and artificial ‘Beads’ for creating a winsome design of Rangolis in different corners and edges of our home. We can buy these artificial set of Rangolis from the market and decorate them in a style on our doorsteps, we wish.

3. Grains Rangoli

Bygone times, People used Rice, Flour Powder, Turmeric and various other Grains to design a primitive elegant Rangoli to represent Indian heritage and culture in a splendid way. However, people generally used colored rice to draw designs on the floors. Rice is also ground and made into a fine paste to create simple white rangolis.

4. Artificial Colors

Rangoli is an ‘Art’ and ‘Colors’ play a very vital role in forming a stunning pattern from Artificial powdered colors. This rangoli type has become very trendy and fashionable among teenagers and youngsters. It is available in stores and we can also buy these colors online.

5. Floating Rangoli

Sometimes we do not get sufficient time to draw Rangolis in our home. In this case , we can opt for Floating Rangolis. These water rangolis can display a winsome look if accompanied by different candles, flowers, and oil lamps.These Set of Rangolis float in the water bowls and make an appealing view from the Top.

Let’s take a look at different names of Rangolis which represents different states of India.

  • Orissa: Rangoli is known as ‘Ossa’.
  • Tamil Nadu: Rangoli is known as ‘Kolam’.
  • Kerala: Puvidal – Rangoli by flowers.(pokalam)
  • Bengal: Rangoli by rice paste and known its known as Alpana.
  • Andhra Pradesh: Rangoli is named as ‘Muggu’.
  • Almora: Garhwal: Rangoli is known as ‘Alpana’.
  • Karnataka: Rangoli is known as ‘Rangoli’.
  • Rajasthan: Rangoli is known as ‘Mandana.
  • Tamil Nadu: Rangoli is known as ‘Kolam’
  • Maharashtra: Rangoli is known as ‘Rangvalli’
  • Gujarat: Rangoli is known as ‘Sathiya

In our Indian culture, Traditions, Rituals, and Colors go hand in hand and Rangoli for Diwali is one of those beauteous examples nowadays. It is an ancient tradition and thus followed by most of the Indian populace as it is said to bring in positivity and good luck to the families. This also forges prepossessing and appealing atmosphere to the whereabouts. As we all know that Diwali is incomplete without Crackers, Lights, Rangolis and Diwali Puja. You can go for any of this Beautiful pattern of Rangolis or else can create an imaginative Rangoli by your own. We wish you all a very Safe and Happy Diwali.

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