5 Yogic Ways To Stay Happy!

UTRASANA (Camel Pose)


In this asana the gravity stretches the chest and the shoulders little more in comparison to other backbends. This pose boosts the happiness creating hormones hence relaxing the mind from unwanted stress.

  • With legs apart come on your knees.
  • Keep your hips over your knees and rotate your thighs squeezing them towards each other.
  • Inhale to engage your lower belly.
  • Take another inhalation by lifting your sternum and drawing your elbows towards each other.
  • Keep your chest raised, your spine long and drop your hands towards your heels.
  • Press the heels of your hands into the heels of your feet.
  • Lift your shoulders, lower your head and neck and gaze at the tip of the nose.
  • Now exit the posture by bringing your chin back towards the chest and hands to hips.
  • Support your lower back as you come up slowly.


sun salutation

Sun the only source of immense energy can help you be energetic and focus on the present moment. The morning rays will make you feel happy and enlightened.

  • First come to the prayer pose.
  • Then go to the raised arm pose.
  • Then bring your hands to foot pose.
  • Next, come to the equestrian pose.
  • Then lift your hip to come to the stick pose.
  • Put your body down and lift your upper half known as the cobra pose.
  • Next, you need to pick up your lower half like a mountain, keeping your hands and head down.
  • Stand erect with your head and hands joined at your feet.
  • Now get back to the normal position of standing erect.
  • You can repeat this several times.



This yoga posa of inversion builds confidence in a person by regulating the blood flow.

  • Sit with your heels and knees wide apart.
  • Bring the hands and forearms together with palms upwards.
  • Place the hands on the floor with fingers pointed towards the body.
  • Press the elbows into the midriff area.
  • Keeping the belly firm drop your head to the floor.
  • Straighten the knee and stretch one leg out beside it.
  • Keep your buttocks firm and your shoulders rounded slightly downwards.
  • Raise the head up and gaze forward.
  • Shift your weight forward along with the buttocks.
  • As the weight shifts the feet should come off the ground.
  • Rest in the position for 10 seconds and steadily increase the time to one minute.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times.



Have you seen a baby happy and rolling with his cute and innocent smile? This is exactly what you have to do.

  • Lay flat on your back.
  • Exhale and bend the knees into the belly.
  • Inhale and grip he outside of each foot with the corresponding hand.
  • Open your knees slightly wider than your torso and bring them up towards your armpits.
  • Push your feet up into your hands and pull down to create resistance.
  • Lengthen your spine as you bring your thighs down into your torso.
  • Hold this posture for 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Exhale and release the feet back to the floor.



When you are sad you tend to take short inhales and large exhales. So, we need to balance our breathe now!
it with your soles pressed together.

    • Keep your knees bending outwards and your heels pulled near to your body.
    • To support your back you can use a blanket or a pillow.
    • The position of the blankets should be such that it fits well with your spines curve when you lie down.
    • You could also make use of a blanket to provide support to your head.
    • Place the blankets behind you for your head and torso to be supported when you come to the lying position.
    • You may have to try it out to check how many blankets will be necessary.
    • Lower yourself gently to the yoga mat and/or blankets.
    • Bring your arms out to your sides at a 45 degree angle and keep your palms facing up.
    • Let your eyes close and your breathing be normal.
  • Initially, you can remain in this pose for a minute, but you can gradually increase the amount of time to around 10 minutes.


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