7 Must Known Facts On Reincarnation

Reincarnation has always been a mystery. The stories and philosophies behind this mystical phenomenon are vast. We have come up with a article which will eradicate at least some of your misconceptions or doubts regarding the concept of rebirth. Below mentioned are certain must know facts about reincarnation.

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The Soul does exist!

Reincarnation must knows

The invisible and the untouchable does exist. That is the soul. The existence which can not be defended by any other force, may it be science. It is not just a myth or a superstition, rather is a non-physical constitution of the mortal body. For the soul, the body is a vehicle for inhabiting the physical world and experiencing physical existence. It is basically a piece of God or a source of energy which sparks the existence of life.

Souls have one mission – the mission to evolve!

Reincarnation must knows

Souls grow and develop by what they live in their different births. This evolution makes them achieve greater levels of love, power, and wisdom. This increase in capacities ultimately makes them reach a level where they unite with the almighty and get liberated.

The soul has the choice to reincarnate into different experiences.

Reincarnation must knows

It is believed that the souls need to experience every aspect of life. They need to reincarnate as both male and female; as both victim and perpetrator; as both student and teacher. Getting into such different scenarios will help the soul understand the full range of possible perspectives and relationships and all the lessons that these entail.

The soul belongs to nothing

Reincarnation must knows

A soul has no caste, creed or religion. It is something which is selfless of any worldly possessions and belongs to none. When a person dies and the soul leaves the body, it recognizes no one from that birth. The moment it escapes the body, it has just one mission and that is to search for a perfect rebirth body.

Similarly, there is no such thing as a male soul or a female soul. Gender is a biological phenomenon, not a spiritual one. Human beings are of two sexes and so we have to choose which one to be before each life begins.

A particular soul belongs only to a particular species

Reincarnation must knows

You will be amazed to know that your soul can take a rebirth again only in the form of a human. Believe goes that at the beginning a soul chooses the cycle it needs to go through and that becomes the mission of his life. Basically, we are spiritual beings on a human journey, learning to be ourselves through human experiences, human relationships, and human choices.

A soul has everything pre-planned

Reincarnation must knows

Before taking a birth the soul decides which emotions and which circumstances he wants to choose for the birth. Depending on that everything starting from beginning till the end is pre-planned. Most major events in life are pre-planned: the birth, the family, the school, the relationships, the career and so on. This includes deaths, accidents, and illnesses. There is, however, plenty of room for unplanned things to occur.

Reincarnation has a beginning and an end

Reincarnation must knows

Like every existence, even the soul has a start and an end date. They are limited to 100 births which can allow the soul to feel the worldly experiences till thousands of years. But at one point of time when the tasks end, the lifespan of the soul ends.


  1. Quite a bit of fallicies here. There are quite a few BBC videos on utube which have documented actual cases of reincarnation. In most of the cases, the persons do recognise their relatives from previous births. even the documented cases of near death experiences indicate the person meeting their relatives on the other side.


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