Radha Krishna Love Story – Which describes the nature of True Love

The love story of Radha Krishna is hymned with praise for ages. Their kind of togetherness and dedication is an inspiration for billions and billions of generations to come. But, have we understood what their love was like? Can we ever have the capacity to love someone as they did? Do we actually know what True love is?

Lord Krishna and Radha

Indian mythology has always acted as the solution to every kind of question in our life and so will this question be answered by these sacred books. Here is a small instance straight from the life of Radha and Krishna which would make you feel the selfless love they had.

There was a beautiful cloudy day when Lord Krishna was sitting below a tree and getting indulged in his favorite hobby of playing the flute. The Gopis (young maidens) always used to sit beside him with eyes closed and listened to his mesmerizing music. All the Gopis always desired to be loved by the intoxicating Krishna and hence curiously asked that why was Radha so special to him and why did he love her the most. He did not respond and just smiled away satirically.

Lord Krishna playing flute with gopis

After some minutes Lord Krishna shrieked with pain on his forehead. To get relief he asked the Gopis to stand on his head. None of them could dare to do so and they replied ‘O Lord, how can we stand on your head? You are our God and this would be against the rules. This would send us to hell and will be an insult to you.

Soon enough Radha appeared and got tensed by seeing Krishna in pain. She asked him that what service she could do to him to make him feel good. Krishna demanded the same wish of someone standing in his head to shoo off the pain. Without a single thought, Radha climbed up his head till he expressed his relief. Seeing this Gopis got angry and said to Radha ‘How could you do this disgraceful act of standing on the Lord’s head? This will make you go to hell and suffer for your actions.’

Radha Krishna Story

Radha replied very softly ‘My love was in pain and that’s all matters for me. I am ready to face the never-ending pain in the hell if it gives him relief for even a second’. Lord Krishna smiled back at the Gopis and said, ‘She is the true love of my life!’

Moral of the Radha Krishna Love Story:

“True Love Can Never Be Achieved Without Selflessness And Self-Sacrifice!”


  1. radha and krishna are made for each other ,this is one of the amazing love story in the world radha and krishna are not live without each other


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