Aadi Perukku (Pathinettam-Perukku): A Festival To Show Honour To Wondrous Beauty of Nature

Aadi Perukku (Pathinettam-Perukku): A Festival To Show Honour To Wondrous Beauty of Nature

Pathinettam-Perukku is an eminent South Indian Festivity celebrated in the Month- Aadi, as per the Tamil calendar in the Tamil region. In accordance with Tamil panchangam, Pathinettam-Perukku signifies the arrival of monsoon in Tamil Nadu state.

As stated in the Hindu calendar, Legend holds it that due to monsoon effects, the water level in the rivers, seas, and ponds emerge out at some greater extent, hence it exhibits the beginning of the rainy season accompanying the wet monsoon season in South-Indian states.

It is observed to pay our respect, reverence, and gratitude to “the breathtaking beauty of nature”. It is also acclaimed as- Aadi 18 or Aadi Perukku among the South-Indians populace.

Aadi perukku 2022 Date: Wednesday, 03 August

In Tamil Panchangam, it has been depicted that Worshippers visit from all the corners of the world to endow homage to the Mother Cauvery or Goddess- Cauvery River. Aadi Perukku is one of the distinguished South Indian festivities and uniquely a Tamil state festival that falls on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi as per the Tamil Calendar.

The significance of this ceremonial observance

Aadi Perukku

Here we are emphasizing the religious importance and the traditional customs connected with this festival.

  • Padinettam perukku (Aadi Perukku) – an illustrious ceremonial occasion to show respect to Goddess-Cauvery is solemnized with a series of rituals, especially by Tamil-married
  • Pre-dominantly, Aadi Perukku is remarked to greatly praise and admire the water nature.
  • Padinettam perukku (Aadi Perukku) symbolizes ‘Padinettam’ which means ‘Eighteen’ and Perukku indicating- ‘Rising’.
  • Women proffer, rice grains (akshata), fruits, coconut and flowers into the holy river Cauvery.
  • Goddess Parvathi is venerated on the banks of the River-Cauvery and has been offered distinct rice foods and cuisines as a
  • On this propitious day of Aadi Perukku, the water of the River is enable to escape from all the reservoirs including- pool, lake, pond and artificial sources.
  • Devotees take a holy dip in the water of the saintly River, because, the day festival gets started, the water is accessible inside the river and other water-resources.
  • Once completing the pooja- rituals, they perform the ‘Kalandha and bring dishes made of rice– Sadham’ on the river-banks.

Puja Samagri & Proccess

Pious Ingredients: Required Puja Samagiri for Aadi Perukku festival to revere Goddess Parvathi and River Cauvery, specified in Tamil Panchangam (Tamil Calendar)

  • Flowers such as Lotus Stem, Marigolds, Rose-Petals, etc.
  • Kumkum (Vermillion).
  • Turmeric: Thread greased with turmeric powder (Yellow rope/Manjal kayiru).
  • Jaggery & nuts other dry fruits.
  • Coconut and Raw Rice, Betel leaves.
  • Banana, apple & other Fruits.
  • Blouse bit or Saari etc.
  • Gold Jewelleries, One Mirror, Bangles
  • Kaatholai Karugamani: a small black bangle
  • One Lemon Banana leaf for keeping Neivedyam
  • Oil, Ghee, Camphor, Incense-Sticks and Sambrani/Dhoop.
  • Edible Ingredients for preparing Rice dishes like Ellu sadam, Tamarind rice, Sweet Pongal, Curd rice, coconut rice & Sundal.

In Hindu Purana and Tamil Panchangam, it has been illustrated that Goddess Parvathi penanced hard upon Lord Shiva to take a glance of her consort. After a while, he got pleased by her meditation and appeared in front of her, taking a personification of Shanka-Naraya Swami and fulfilling her wishes.

It is also believed that the incarnation Shri Goddess- Bhooma (Devi) has been taken on the River-Cauvery in a devout form.

It is advised to go and spend some valuable time on this divine and festive place to worship Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, and River- Cauvery all together for this propitious festival- Aadi Perukku. Some specific time from a prominent astrologer or a pandit would be required to observe rituals and other traditions along the riverside.


Aadi Perukku festival

It is mandatory to cook these below-mentioned South-Indian delicacies (at least- 5) on the day of Padinettam perukku (Aadi Perukku). Take a look at these Special foods.

  • Lemon Rice
  • Sweet Pongal/Sakkarai Pongal
  • Tamarind Rice/Puli Sadam
  • Peppar Puliogare/ Milagu Puli Sadam
  • Ellu Sadam and Peppar Jeera Rice
  • Thengai sadam/Coconut-Rice
  • Chana Sundal
  • Peppar Urad Dal Vada
  • Maa Vilakku
  • Curd Rice/ Thayir Sadam
  • Aadi Thengai Paal Payasam



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