Ravana and what message do his 10 heads give us

Ravana was a great warrior, but he is portrayed as a negative personality in Indian history due to his evil karmas during the Treta Yuga. But few know that this character was a great scholar, a magnificent ruler and a worshipper of Lord Shiva. Apart from this he is very famous because of the 10 heads he possessed and hence known as “Dashagriva”. But do you know the story behind his ferocious 10 heads?

Some say that his 10 heads were an optical illusion which was caused due to a necklace of 9 pearls given by his mother. And others say that to please Shiva, Ravan had axed his own head but every time he did so a new head grew. This happened for 10 times and this is how he got 10 heads.

History says that his heads depicted 6 Shastras and 4 Vedas he had attained in his life.

  • Sankhyashastra (Mathematics)
  • Yog Shastra (Yoga as a way of life, meditation)
  • Nyayashastra (Law and administration)
  • Vaisheshik Shastra (Physics, astronomy, mechanics)
  • Purvamimansa (Philosophy, Justification)
  • Uttar Mimansa Shastra
  • Rigveda
  • Yajurveda
  • Samveda

Let’s now discuss about what each of his head represents.

  1. Kaam – Lust (Loving parts of the body of the opposite gender)
    2. Krodha – Anger (Loving/expecting perfection in others)
    3. Moha – Delusion (Loving your family & friends)
    4. Lobha – Greed (Loving fame, money, children and things)
    5. Mada – Pride (Loving one’s perfect self)
    6. Maatsarya – Envy (Loving the possessions)
    7. Manas – Mind (Loving self knowledge)
    8. Buddhi – Intellect (Loving/wanting to be no.1)
    9. Chita – Will (Loving the future)
    10. Ahamkara – Ego (Loving your designation, your post or qualifications)

It is said that every human being has Ram as well as Ravan inside their heads. It depends on the person solely that which character they want themselves to be represented as.

These 10 heads depicts the negativity a person can have and hence, we can take steps accordingly to spot them out and eradicate these forms of maya to attain a Ram like character.


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