Across The World – Top 10 Jagannath Temples

Comilla Jagannath Temple (Bangladesh)

Jagannath Temple outside India

This temple is located in Bangladesh and is a significant medieval religious structure. It seems to be octagonal shaped and is a majestic establishment which dates back to the 16th century. In fact, it is presumed to be one of the oldest on the soil of Comilla as well as of the state. The temple’s terracotta brickwork is designed in the typical Bengal style of temple architecture.

Jagannath Temple (Bangladesh)

Jagannath Temple outside India

This is another Jagannath temple situated in Bangladesh which is famous with the name of Handial Mandir among the locals, because of its location in the Handial village. This temple was built between 1300 and 1400 CE and seems to be pretty Old. The temple is adorned with beautiful terracotta designs of Hindu culture throughout.

Jagannath Mandir (Sialkot)

Jagannath Temple outside India

Pakistan comprises of a bunch of Hindu temples and this is surely one of the most prominent amongst all. The gorgeous temple is a dedication to Lord Jagannath and it got constructed in early 2007. While Sialkot is all steeped in history itself, a visit to this temple will have you reeling under its ancient and rich heritage!

Jagganath Temple at Cranberry (AUSTRALIA)


The Oriya community in Australia took the initiative to build this beautiful Jagannath Temple in Australia’s capital city. Every year Rath Yatra is celebrated here with a lot of pomp and show and seems similar to that of Puri Rath Yatra. One of the aims of the Festival is to Increase awareness about Indian Culture/Art and to promote peace and harmony among local communities.

Shri Jagannath Temple (London)

Jagannath Temple outside India

This temple is located in Trafalgar Square. Lord Jagannath along with his siblings and consort are worshiped in this temple. Huge wooden carts are pulled during the famous cart festival.

Shri Jagannath Temple (Italy)

Jagannath Temple outside India

The Jagannath Temple is in Villa Vrindavan which is situated in Sant’Andrea in Percussina, a hamlet in the township of san casciano Val di Pesa, close to Florence. The main building is a sumptuous Renaissance villa dating back to the first half of the sixteen century and it dominates the 198 acres of property, with its lush woods and hundreds of olive plants. The view all around is breathtaking, making it easier to understand why this small corner of paradise was named after the eternal residence of Lord Krishna.

Shri Jagannath temple (San Fransisco)

Jagannath Temple outside India

It is believed that Srila Prabhupada established the first western Ratha Yatra, in 1967 which was done in this place in San Fransisco. Since that time, Puja of Jagannath and Ratha Yatras have manifested in cities, towns, and villages around the world.

Shri Jagannath Temple (Chicago)

Jagannath Temple outside India

In 2008 performed first “Pratistha” of Lord Jagannath in Bishnu Shiva Shakti Temple inside Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Aurora, IL. Since then it is carrying out the daily worship and special devotee sponsored Puja on every Sunday. In 2010 it performed Pratistha of the main deities. Along with daily worship, it celebrates a number of major festivals of Lord Jagannatha. In 2014, the temple location has moved to BPA-Mata Ji Temple in Elgin, IL.In addition to regular Puja serviced to Lord, it is also conducting various charitable activities such as food donation drive, school supply donation drive to support the poor people and children of Aurora, IL, donated to Haiti Earthquake victims, supported an orphanage center in Cuttack Odisha India. The charity has been a major part of its annual activities. It believes in “Service to mankind is service to Lord”.

ShriJagannathh temple (Moscow)

Jagannath Temple outside India

This Jagannath Mandir is a part of the Iskcon Temple initiative which worships the presence of Lord Vishnu and is located at Selskohozyaistvennaya, Moscow. People in huge numbers come to visit this temple and sHOW their devotion to the Lord.

Shri Jagannath Temple Sibal (Mauritius)

Jagannath Temple outside India

Lord Jagannath being the Lord of the universe did not leave any corner of the world. He made sure that every devotee of his gets the chance to visit him and seek his blessings. Hence, you can find a beautiful temple of Lord Jagannath in Mauritius as well. This temple is managed by the organization ISKCON.


  1. Jagannath Mandir (Sialkot)
    #Correction: This Temple is located in a town of Badoki Gosaian (A big town of Hindu Community who migrated to India in 1947) in Gujranwala


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