Actual Way Of Practicing Spiritualism

Spiritual practice is defined as honest and sincere activities to develop divine qualities and achieve everlasting happiness. Spiritual practice helps a person to achieve self-greatness by experiencing own soul and having control over five senses. Basically, spiritual practice is not only about following specific rituals and spiritual exercise, but it also demands a tremendous amount of dedication and sacrifice.

“The highest level of spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.”

 Analysis Of Spiritualism


Spiritual practice is a journey to find our own existence and the reality is the illusory world. In Hinduism; there is no specific method for spiritual exercise. As Sanatana Dharma is a lesson of a way of living life; spiritual practice in Hindus are based on living life in a simple and spiritual way. Seven basic principle of spiritual practice for Hindus are

  1. meditating (Dhyana)
  2. worshiping (Puja)
  3. Chanting (japa), Serving (seva)
  4. sacrificing (tyaga)
  5. learning ancient Hindu scriptures (vedas)
  6. and praying (prathana).

Hindus believe that “God is great and every soul carries God’s greatness.” So spiritual practice for Hindus is not about praying or chanting or meditating; the only motive is attaining divinity by finding our personal greatness. The main goal of spiritual practice in Hinduism is releasing our soul from rebirth life cycle to attain Moksha. According to Hindu Philosophy;


“Your body is your temple and soul is real God.         

        So keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.”              




Some think all those thoughts are only myths; there is no reality in it. So now we are going to think logically and find the benefits of spiritual practice in a different way.


  • Self-sacrifice: A noble human nature; which possesses greatness of a person. The pillars of spiritual practice stand with self-sacrifice and selflessness. This is why one can achieve greatness only by spiritual practice.
  • Perfection: We know no one is perfect; but perfection can be achieved by self-determination, hard work and knowledge. Meditation helps to be disciplined and determined. Knowing yourself explores ability and strength; which encourages anyone to do hard work. Having control over sensory faculties and mental peace enlarge your concentration and focus; which increases your thirst to earn world’s most desirable ornament that is knowledge.
  • Immortality: We know every living being is mortal. As per rules of nature; every creation has an expire date. But immortality can be achieved by restoration. Spirituality gives you an opportunity to restore yourself. With a pure soul; you can motivate others and by your good works you can live for ever in the memories of millions.
  • Rituals: Rituals are not the system of performing religious exercises or ceremonies. Rituals brings lots of positive energy and peace into a family or community. It helps us to be happy and gives us an opportunity to remember our ancestors. If you look scientifically rituals have tremendous effects in our life. Like thought us about seasonal food habits, precautions from diseases, value of natural elements, and mach more. Relationships in India are more stable and longer due to our traditional spiritual beliefs.
  • Importance: How you important to you or your family or your society or to the world? Most of us never have the answer. Being spiritual; we can restore our abilities which provide us sufficient courage and strength to find the importance of our life.
  • Universal unity: Spiritual practice never supports any kind of violence. So it brings peace and helps to capture one of most important ethics of humanity. So it can produce Universal unity and peace into the world.
  • Awareness: Awareness is understanding of a situation or subject around us. Basically, we can say knowledge of act smartly. Spiritual practice makes our mind stable and clear our thoughts. It also makes us self-restraint and controlled; which allows to act smartly according to the situations.
  • Love: Spiritual practice instructs to love every one, dead or alive. An inspirational nature of every mortal; which gives a reason to live for long and for ever is Love. Spiritual transformation helps us to understand actual meaning of love in our life and how to possess Love to God?


Hindu Dharma is world’s oldest religion. Still spiritual practice in Hinduism accepts modernization. Some strict rules and exercises are also present in Hindu spiritual practices. But there no certain conditions to be spiritual in Hinduism. It only demands complete dedication to attain divinity and release from Karma. So be spiritual and have faith in your instincts; as it not about your religion, it’s only about your soul.


“Spirituality does not come from religion; it comes from our soul.”


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