Mantras to Chant on Akshaya Tritiya according to Zodiac Signs

India is a country which observes a ton of celebrations during distinct sacred Festivals. Such occasional celebrations are the strings of the Indian age-old convention which tie individuals to their fundamental foundations. Akshaya Tritiya is a standout among the essential events that are thought to be the most propitious day as indicated by the Hindu calendar.

Puja Muhurat = 06:17 AM to 12:15 PM

It is trusted, any significant movement that began on this day would bring productive outcomes. Akshaya Tritiya is also called Akha Teej. This event has extraordinary importance in Hinduism. This day will be set apart on Friday, 14th May 2021. As per the Hindu calendar, it is commended on the third day of month Vaishakha consistently. It is commended once in a year when Sun and Moon are in over the top elation. Such an event happens on the third day of Shukla Paksha  Vaishakha month (April or May) according to the Hindu lunar calendar. No muhurat is required for any movement on the day. Akshaya Tritiya is viewed as favorable to begin another wander and furthermore to begin another inning in life i.e. for marriage.

Akshaya Tritiya is believed in Hinduism to be the birthday of Parasurama who is the 6th incarnation of Vishnu, and he is respected in Vaishnava temples. Those who watch it in the respect of Parasurama some of the time allude to the celebration as Parasurama Jayanti The word “Akshaya” implies long-lasting or non decreasing. It is likewise trusted that any new pursuit or any important things expedited this day turns enduring and will develop forever. One of the legends of Akshaya Tritiya is found in the sagas of Mahabharata. At the point when the Pandavas were in a state of banishment, Lord Krishna exhibited Yudhishthira ‘Akshaya Patra’, a bowl which went about as a serving food of nourishment for the whole kingdom. On this, the very beginning ought to likewise love and petition Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera keeping in mind the end goal to get favored with massive wealth and riches.

The donations, pilgrimages, japas and homas performed on this day give multifold results than done on any other ordinary day.

Items to be donated on Akshaya Tritiya

  • Til (sesame seeds)
  • Bed or mattress, Clothes to the needy
  • Donations of Kumkum (dried red color powder), Chandan (sandalwood), Betel leaves, Nariyal (coconut), for a good education, family wellness.
  • Donation of water in copper or silver vessel with saffron, camphor, Tulsi leaves and betel nut is considered auspicious for marriages and children.

Some mantra can be beneficial according to your zodiac sign. Chanting these will help to clear negativity from your life.


Akshay tritiya

 Mantra: ‘Aum Aeng Kling Saung


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Aeng Kling Shreeng’


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Kling Aeng Saung’


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Aeng Kling Shriing’


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Hriing Shriing Shraung’


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Shring Aeng Shraung’


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aung Shriing Aeng Shaung’


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Aeng Kliing Shriing


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Hriing Kliing Saung


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Hriing Kliing Saung’


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Hriing Kliing Shriing’


Akshay Tritiya

Mantra: ‘Aum Hriing Kling,Saung’

Change your life by reciting these auspicious MANTRAS mentioned above. This will give some nourishment to your mind and soul. Akshaya Tritiya is to be sure a huge celebration. Make the most out of it and change your life.

Happy Akshaya Tritiya!


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