August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Aries Horoscope (August 2018):


Health problems may arise in this month. Could have Cold-cough, wounds, or joint pain in the legs. So you take care of yourself and be cautious. Meet a Doctor to treat even a small health issue. With the support of your family, there is a good opportunity to obtain economic benefits. You would be endowed with wealth and prosperity this upcoming month. Will get help from your family members in your work and business. There would be a possibility of completion of some very auspicious work along with some yagya (hawan) ceremonies with family co-operation. Due to lack of concentration, you may have to face difficulties. There may be some dissatisfaction in examinations.

Taurus Horoscope (August 2018):


In this month, there is a possibility of good health and a better mental, physical condition But could have Difficulties may face difficulties in lower parts of the body such as urine infection and gladder problem along with cough, Fever etc. It is important to take care of your health. If you are doing a job, then you can get good support from your colleagues this month. The chances of getting rewarded with add on responsibilities from some higher officials can be seen, you can also get a higher position which will grow your position in the office as well. There is also a possibility of getting a car or house. If you are thinking of getting a car of your own, then you can go ahead, Yes !!! This is undoubtedly the right month to pursue your dreams. If you are a student then, I am sorry this is not favourable month for you with respect to studies and the results.

Gemini Horoscope (August 2018):


There is no serious problem related to your health can be examined in your horoscope this month, however, can have some minor physical issues and illnesses. Problems related to any kind of stomach can arise. So, It is recommended to get timely treated and be little alert when you have stomach ache. Family get-together may take place and happiness would be increased after meeting them. Your children become the reason of your happiness. Money can be an asset in terms of real estate because the planet Mars is proved quite beneficial this time for the real estate realization and investment. If you are employed then you can get good opportunities for growth in your field of work. You will also have full responsibility towards the new project and the possibility of receiving a higher position can be seen.

Cancer Horoscope (August 2018):


This year, issues related to health may arise. Small troubles related to obesity and fatigue can often be seen. Complexities of such diseases can be complicated, and problems related to urine may arise. Cough lungs can be a problem. It is your responsibility to take care of your health. However, you can get good success in your working professions which means the explicit profit could be possible. The financial condition can be in a better position. Whatever work you will do with confidence, you are expected to get success in the work as well as get the financial benefit. Saturn is transiting into Sagittarius, which makes good use of economic benefits in terms of career. That’s why your effort can be successful and conditions may be better in the later part of the month. Although, you can see some ups and downs in your career. Stress may arise from your own official class. In such a way, the effort to maintain good relations with your high official may be better rewarding

Leo Horoscope (August 2018):


Health problems are not likely to happen this month. Occasionally, minor problems can arise such as- winter cold, cough and fever, etc. But there is not as such any situation that would likely to be a big problem in the upcoming time. That’s why it is suggested to work carefully. Attempt and try to do any task with extra courage and strength. Also perform any of your work task bit voluntarily. So you are likely to get good success in your work afterwards. You are a master of literature; therefore try to take advantage of it according to time. You may make mistakes because of something you are not being informed earlier and due to this you could also face difficulties and complications. Plan according to your capacity while accepting any work task, so that you get a good benefit instead of failure.

Virgo Horoscope (August 2018):


Profitable work plans can be initialized through family support in this month. All difficulties and complications can be solved by mutual harmony. Future prosperity can be developed due to mutual understanding and trust among the family members can also be seen. Any effort towards the execution of any new work can have success in the future. From the financial point of view, this month will be advancement for you because the Guru is transiting in Libra. If you are in tensed situation then it is recommended to not panic in adverse circumstance and try your hand in getting involved in economic undertakings. Patience gives good success. Destiny will be your best companion this month. Spend less and save money. Career is going to provide you a kind of benefit and profit.

Libra Horoscope (August 2018):


There may be a possibility of getting injured from an accident in this month. In the initial phase, some problems may arise but the benefits may be good afterwards. Stomach related infections are also likely to occur. Apart from this, you may have problems related to phlegm. Therefore, it is mandatory to take care of your health in a proper way. In the family, interaction with each other can be better. There is a possibility of a very happy environment at home. In the later part of the month, some important work can be completed in the house-family. Some ongoing pending work is also likely to be completed. The possibility of some religious ceremonies such as- yagna, hawan etc with basic rituals can be planned with proper Shubh-Muhurat (auspicious-time). Through which you can achieve happiness and prosperity in the home. There is a possibility of growth in the business of your family. Some problems may arise related to your father’s health.

Scorpio Horoscope (August 2018):


You will be a bit concerned about your health issues this month. Any kind of cold-cough, wounds or joints pain in the legs may occur. So you take care of yourself and be little cautious. Mental problems such as- anxiety, fatigue, stress arises may cause trouble. There can be good opportunities for obtaining the economic benefits with the help of family-members. Home can be enriched with wealth only after your extra-efforts. Family members can get support in work areas. But investing money in some other non-beneficial place can put you in problem. Because the planet Mars is transiting into Capricorn with Ketu, therefore would be a kind of financial loss. That’s why paying proper attention to money transactions can be beneficial. Otherwise, one may have to suffer financial loss in the month. Investing in terms of business can be profitable.

Sagittarius Horoscope (August 2018):


Health concerns may arise in this month. If you use the vehicle whilst commuting and travelling, it is suggested to be quite careful while driving. Injury from accident may cause problem and difficulty to you. As a result, physical problem can arise; economic loss may also be borne. So you take care of yourself and be cautious. Compatibility with your life-partner can be better. In this month, there is possibility of completion of some marital rituals as well as matrimonial work. If there is some holy or social observance, then there is a possibility of getting the full-fledged support from the family-members. Parents’ cooperation can also be examined. The mutual harmony between the people of the family can be good. The success can only be achieved with the hard work done for the profit perspective.

Capricorn Horoscope (August 2018):


Financially and economically, ups and downs can be seen this month. You would have a lot of work pressure and less profit. However, try to be smart, fast and furious in completing your daily work tasks. The more effort you would put into giving something a new direction, more success, you achieve. Moreover, you may have to face difficulties in terms of economic benefits. There will be economic benefits but the possibility of delay is found. Therefore, be patient, do not be disturbed. Keep trying to do everything in a proper way. Conditions will be favourable in terms of health in this month. There is no such situation to cause any unnecessary problems. Occasionally, normal situations may arise and physical problems may have to be faced, very often. But as the time passes, it will be fine and you will be relaxed and okay. So take care of time and manage it carefully to avoid future hassles.

Aquarius Horoscope (August 2018):


Economic and Financial status would be quite strong, this month. Whatever work you will perform in coming days, you are likely to achieve good success and achievements through it. But in terms of economic benefits, there is stabilization needed. Therefore, work on the planned ventures only. Doing the right work at the right time towards the right direction is highly recommended as that can be financially strong for the future. Your fate is about to shine in this month and you can achieve good success in the area of your work. You can also get benefits if you invest in a commercial way. Try to do each and every work carefully for the possible benefits in the upcoming time. But the efforts made in terms of economic benefits can be hampered.

Pisces Horoscope (August 2018):


There may be some problem related to health this month. Any kind of skin related infections can occur on to the body. Apart from this, you may experience problems related to stomach as well. Therefore, it can be beneficial for you to take care of your diets. There can be big opportunities for some economic benefits as well. In a business context, the investment can be profitable. Using savings to get real estate or buying a house can be harmful.  Therefore use your money in terms of fruitful investments only. However, situation may be favourable in the latter half of this month. Good opportunities are there for getting benefits from the work and profession. Be little careful this month, especially while transacting money.

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