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Astrologer Sanjeev Gadhok
My Name is Sanjeev Gadhok born and brought up in New Delhi, India. I finished my technical qualification from Delhi, India and in the wake of being in a specialized field for quite a While I decide to study astrology. We all have some inquiry in life for which we look for answer. This was the reason that headed me to wander into the universe of astrology which has now turned into a piece of my presence. Presently I am not just Interpret horoscope of the native furthermore educate astrology. My strategy to approach and interpret horoscope is an amalgamation of Vedic Astrology, Jamini Astrology Nadi Astrology, KP Astrology, Theory of Cuspal Interlinks, Tarot reading and Vastu, this consequently provides me favorable element and profound knowledge to foresee the course for a single person. I have expertise in predictive astrology. I have over 15 years of Vedic Study and experience, with expertise in Birth-time rectification. I can rectify birth time up to mille seconds. In addition to giving astrological consultations, I am also an avid Vedic Astrology teacher. I am also the author of three books "Divine Guide for Career through Occult Science", "Tarot - Do It Yourself" & "Finding Your Partner - An Astrological Perspective". I am also is a Vastu Consultant & Tarot card reader Vedic astrology is a spiritual science; this tool can help us to know what you destined for To know your promises and potential of your life like marriage, children job, education Understand your relationships Understand your purpose of life and your soul desire To know the timing of your life events Understand your behavior & tendency and Integrate effective Lifestyle Determine the Most Beneficial Times to Take Action and Move forward .For ages Astrology has been helping people live a fuller and happier life aligned with spirit and universal truths.

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