Before Krishna Saved Draupadi, Who Was The Man Who Stood Up Against Her Vastraharan?

The most disturbing incident in the entire Mahabharata was the Vastraharan of Draupadi. It was a completely insane and disgraceful act done on the part of Kauravas. Defaming a woman and insulting her physically is the greatest crime ever.

who stood against Draupadi vastraharan

Draupadi was the daughter of Drupad – the king of Panchala, and the wife and queen of the five Pandavas. She was an ardent devotee and friend of Lord Krishna. Due to the clashes of land and kingdom between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, Draupadi was the major sufferer.

In the timeless epic Mahabharata, once the Kauravas and Pandavas sat for a game of dice. This game became so heated that they started betting for many costly and valuable possessions. At the end, Yudhistra lost the game and had to sacrifice his wife as well. On Duryodhan’s order’s Dushansana dragged Draupadi by her hair to the court full of men.

Draupadi was taken aback by seeing these so called men of values standing with their heads down and doing nothing about this disgraceful act. She approached elders and great figures of Mahabharata like Bhisma, Drona, Kripa but all went in vague. Do you know what reply she got from Bhisma? He sadly said, “My daughter, Dharma works in very subtle ways. It is difficult for us to analyze wrong and right.”

who stood against Draupadi vastraharan

Draupadi had to take the matter into her own hands now. She didn’t beg for mercy, rather argued that the demand made was not valid. She said, “Yuddhistra being a slave to the Kauravas now has lost all his rights over his wife and can not gamble her afterward”. This changed nothing but only one man stood in her support.

Guess who? It was VIKARNA – one of the 100 Kauravas. He stood for her and said, “Insulting your sister in law is an offense for the entire Kuru clan. Her respect and chastity are our families pride and what are we doing? This is an extremely disgraceful act on our part. Stop this! God will never forgive us for it.”

He fought for her through words but unfortunately was turned down by the crooked people present. He was rather asked to leave the court by his elder brother and Karna.

who stood against Draupadi vastraharan

Don’t you think its the same even today? Still, such disgusting things happen and the wise men and women are still as impotent and dumbstruck. Their reactions are exactly as it was thousands of years ago – turning a deaf ear and a blind eye. No, nothing has changed! Maybe another Mahabharata is waiting which will again destroy all these cruel as well as silent ones. Perhaps that is the karma they have chosen. So be it!

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