Behdienkhlam Festival : The Beauty of Meghalaya lies in this Dance Festival

Behdienkhlam Festival Beauty of Meghalaya - Dance Festival

Behdienkhlam Festival : The Beauty of Meghalaya lies in this Dance Festival

Meghalaya: The Home of Clouds and Hills, believed to be the most substantial botanical region in Asia. It is also famous as- The Scotland of the East. Meghalaya is a capital of Shillong state, well-known for the plenty of rainfall and sunshine throughout the year. It celebrates varied cultural festivals and religious ceremonies every year with great energy and devotion.

Behdeinkhlam is a salient and the most stupendous festival of Meghalaya, celebrated among the Pnar community. It is also said that the beauty of Meghalaya lies in this Dance Festival. While exploring a bit about this festival, we have come up with some phenomenal facts related to this sacred observance cum colourful gala of Meghalaya residence.

Behdienkhlam Festival – Depicting the ten enchanting Facts that you cannot miss about the Cultural Festival:

  • The three- day foremost divine ceremonies of the festival are undertaken in Jowai, which is a headquarter of West Jaintia Hills in the Indian state of Meghalaya.
  • A chief- religious Daloi conducts a set of customs and traditional ritual during this sacred ceremony.
  • This is merely accomplished to lesser down the influence of the diseases such as- Plague and Cholera that have been spread through the infected mammals like: rodents, mice and rats among the tribal people.
  • The tribal males hold a sturdy piece of squared timber or a metal stripped beam and arrive at a place, known as- Aitnar along with their friends to throng in a flock.
  • They troop together in a group to dance and sing on the tunes of flute and drums in a melodious way and perform an activity similar to Football game called Dad-Lawakor. A horde of horses inside the ground can also be sighted when they play with the mud in the vicinity.

Cultural Festival: Behdeinkhlam:

  • To ward off the evil-eye and the demons from the tribal inhabitants, this festivity is observed, hitting the upper roofs with a long, slender, rounded piece of bamboo sticks to make the whole atmosphere clean and healthy.
  • The weather plays a very interesting role in the celebration as the amusing fight between the two groups of people into a muddy ditch- called as- Wah-eit-nar is worth-watching. So if God showers his blessing and the Rainfall happens then it is considered very favourable to Pnar folks and nearby residents.
  • An account of their tribe legacy, females do not participate in the dancing tradition as they simultaneously perform a patrimony practice of offering sacrificial (votive) food to the spirits of the forefathers and ancestors.
  • The festivity vibrancy can be seen on the peak when beautiful chariots called “Raths” and wooden structures called “Khnongs” are carried out into the water pool or pond for the divine jollifications.
  • Behdienkhlam is also solemnized to seek blessings for bountiful agricultural season for their tribe estate and they dedicatedly worship Monsoon God for a bumper harvest, fertilization and cultivation

Be at the West Jaintia Hills during July month and enjoy the vivid atmosphere of this colourful festival along with your family members and friends.

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