Benefits Of Wearing Hindu Sacred Threads

Hindu Sacred ThreadsHinduism is a belief having many ways to get rid of the evil and mishaps. If you happen to follow them with all your heart and might, then for sure you will get positive results. Among all these rituals and techniques, wearing threads in different body parts also have their own significance.

You must have spotted quite a lot of Hindu followers wearing a variety of threads. Various colors like red, orange, white, black and yellow exist in the section of sacred threads. Not all threads can be worn by anyone nor for any purpose. They have their own specific reasons and persons.

Let’s now understand the importance and significance of these colored threads.

White Thread (Janeu)

Benefits Of Wearing Hindu Sacred Threads

This particular thread is worn only by the male members of the upper caste families. This depicts the transition of a young boy to a man. Brahmins make the male member wear it by conducting a ceremony known as the sacred ‘Thread Ceremony’. Some Kshatriyas and by Vaishyas also wear it. This sacred thread of the Brahmins is made of cotton, that of a Kshatriya of hempen threads and that of a Vaisya of woolen threads.

Significance: This depicts the transition of a young boy to a man. Brahmins make the male member wear it by conducting a ceremony known as the sacred ‘Thread Ceremony’.

Red Thread (Kalava)

Benefits Of Wearing Hindu Sacred Threads

Red threads are very common among the Hindus. Men as well as, women can wear it by doing a very small puja ritual. The red thread is usually tied on the right hand of men and unmarried women, while it is tied on the left hand for married women. You can find this thread in any temple. It is a cotton thread and was at first offered as a cloth to the deity.

On the day of Bhadrapad Shukl Chaturdashi or Anant Chaturdashi wearing a red thread known as ‘Anant Chaudas Thread’ is considered to be very auspicious. This is either worn as armlet or around the neck by both male and female. Wearing this will bring in happiness, health, and prosperity.

Significance: The red thread or Kalava symbolizes long life and protection against enemies. Hence, it is also called ‘Raksha thread’. It is believed that wearing this will keep God’s blessings with you.

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Black Thread

Benefits Of Wearing Hindu Sacred Threads

This is yet another powerful thread worn by the Hindus. In the case of small children, it is usually tied around their waist and adults tie it in their left wrists or armlet. Some also tie a special root along with it and wear it as a necklace. People who practice black magic/Tantric vidhya may wear in their right foot as well.

Significance: It is said to keep children away from evil eye (buri nazar). It also keeps away people from evil spirit or unwanted tantra mantra done.

Orange Or Saffron Thread

Benefits Of Wearing Hindu Sacred Threads

Orange threads are quite prevalent in south and east India. People wear it for different reasons. This is a long thread which is wrapped around the wrist several times to form a bundle.

Significance: This is said to bring fame, power and guard the person against all evil.

Yellow Thread

Benefits Of Wearing Hindu Sacred Threads

Yellow is colour of purity and good health. People consider this color to be very important in good tasks like marriages or house inauguration ceremony. Hindus put haldi in fat cotton threads and use it as a symbol of good luck during marriages. The bride is made to wear it with three knots tied either in her neck or armlet.

Significance: This is said to make the married life happy and successful. It also ensures the long life of the husband of the bride.

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  1. (truth behind black thread)
    in ancient times the shudras wear forced to wear bell so that upper caste would know that a shudra is coming and they will get aware so that they didn’t get touch with them. the bells were tied with black thread, they were tied a pot so that when they spit they spit on that pot only . these pots were tied with black thread.


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