Best 5 Places To Celebrate Baisakhi

The grandeur and show in which Baisakhi is celebrated around the globe are commendable. This festival of the most enthusiastic and energetic people of India, i.e. The Punjabis and Sikhs is one among all. Have a look at the places where you can witness a complete traditional method of Baisakhi celebrations.

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Places to celebrate Baisakhi

Chandigarh forms the major hub for all the Punjabis. People here celebrate Baisakhi with a lot of pomp and show. You can see people with their best colorful outfits and lot of radiance in their face. Extremely authentic variety of food is also prepared in every house. All the family members take a visit to Gurudwara and offer special prayers to God. In the evening, people enjoy music and dance. You can visit this place to feel Baisakhi in its air. On this day the place is no less than a combination of Holi and Diwali.

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Places to celebrate Baisakhi

A huge mela is arranged every year in this state. It is very famous and people from far away places come to visit. In Haryana, the tourism department organizes and hosts the Baisakhi Mela. It is a fair at Pinjore Gardens organized on 13th & 14th April. Highly authentic Punjabi food is prepared and the tourists relish it. A variety of handloom shops and handicraft shops at the Crafts Bazaar allure the shopaholics. Punjabi music and Punjabis with their iconic colorful attire are also one of the major attractions. Competitions like rangoli and drawing are held for school students and cultural programs like singing and dancing are held in the evening.

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Places to celebrate Baisakhi

The very famous Golden Temple of the Sikhs forms a major attraction on this day. The area around the Gurudwara seems really alluring and colorful on this day. A wide variety of cuisine can be seen here, being relished by people. People start visiting Gurudwara early in the morning for offering prayers and then savor the sweet semolina as Prasad. On the whole day, a special lunch called the langar is distributed to the temple visitors. It is also considered as the holy lunch. The charm of the festival adds extra grace to this beautiful structure. In the evening, people host parties where they dance and eat together with relatives and friends.

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Places to celebrate Baisakhi

The villages of Jalandhar form a major attraction during the Baisakhi festival. As the festival marks the beginning of the harvesting season, it is celebrated in a grand way in the farms and places where crops grow. The people of the city gather on the grounds of celebration and community centers and take part in all the activities. The festivities include shopping, food, dance and music, the main ingredient of the merry making in the city. In the villages, one can witness the actual Baisakhi celebrations where men perform Punjabi folk dance called Bhangra while women dance on tunes of Punjabi folk music performing Gidda.

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Places to celebrate Baisakhi

Delhi – the national capital of India also carries a large number of Sikh and Punjabi community and comes alive during Baisakhi. People dress up in their traditional best and visit the gurudwara. There are also many Baisakhi parties too that take place in the city. People greet each other or have dinner parties where they eat traditional Punjabi food. You can prominently see the effect of Baisakhi in many places of Delhi.


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