I made expectations about impending occasions and guided individuals into taking fitting choices at basic focuses in life based upon the patterns that planetary arrangements anticipated.
The greatest test that I confronted was the level of exactness of forecasts. The main jump in this methodology has dependably been getting the careful time of birth. Circumstances overarching at time of birth in healing facilities or home, the pressure and necessity of undertaking around then, unavailable rooms, various distinctive sorts of individuals in different states of work and brain, make it well-near difficult to note and record the careful time of birth.

The birth time is not just used to discover the positions of the planets additionally you’re Ascendant (Rising Sign). That computation then decides the mid heaven and the house cusps. The house cusp in astrology is similar to a circle partitioned into 12 segments.
Every area is known as a house. The line that differentiates two houses is a cusp. The ascendant is the cusp of the principal house.
The house cusp is ascertained by changing over your introduction to the world time into sidereal time for the scope of the origin.
A wrong birth time the truth will surface eventually mistaken perusing in astrology. In this manner have your introduction to the world testament before getting your natal chart made. At some point the birth time endorsement is likewise not precise. Doctors by and large round off time like 7:37 to 7:40 or 7:35.
A few individuals don’t have conception time at all as they were conceived at home or in doctor’s facilities in those days when birth time endorsements were not viewed as vital.
Vedic astrology is totally subject to an exact ‘Time of Birth’. An off base ‘time of birth’ will bring about absolutely “wrong” and “deceiving” expectations creating much tension and dissatisfaction.
It is your accurate time of birth that makes your horoscope unique. Your season of birth shows the one of a kind way of your predetermination that is not quite the same as every one of those individuals’ fates that were conceived at your place on your birthday.
From your definite time of birth astrologer can ascertain the timing of good open doors for adoration, achievement, bliss, cash, and your profession. When you know the schedule of every one of those great open doors early, you will have the capacity to get ready for the progressions you wish. You can exploit the best possible timing in your life. You will know with conviction, when it will be ideal to hold up, and when to make your moves.

Mainly used methods for birth time rectification

The Chandra Navamsa Paddathi

Imagine a scenario in which we can stick point one planet, say Moon, in the Navamsa chart and settle it to a specific house, and make sure that it must be in that very house and no place else. In this circumstance, might we be able to make sure of the Navamsa Lagna the Moon’s Navamsa position just, then watching its sign, its home, its dispositor and angles and checking whether an occasion concerning all the above happened in a particular year . Position of the Moon contains seeds of past life particular karma, the nakshatra Moon is set in contains the most noteworthy privileged insights.

KP Krishnamurthy Paddhati

As indicated by the standards of K.P., a planets position, linkages and impacts are dictated by the Sign, Constellation and Subdivision of the Constellation (prominently called as ‘sub’) that it possesses at a specific time. At the end of the day, each planet is set in a sign, possessing a specific star and arranged in a sub in that star.
Accordingly, for a given snippet of conception, the 1 Cusp (that is, is the Ascendant/Lagna) would be set in a specific sign, star and sub. This Ascendant sign-star-sub is our beginning stage and the expansion or diminishing in birth time would be worked on this Cuspal point.
Our next thought would be the Moon’s degree position in the Ruling planets.
For those perusers who don’t have a reasonable thought as to what may be ‘Ruling planet’ let me quickly talk about it here.
Ruling planets allude to the planets that turn into the Lagna sign lord, star lord, Moon sign lord, star lord and the day lord at the time and place of judgment.
In this manner, the decision planets will constantly differ with time and place of judgment. As indicated by the current, changed K.P. standard, the Ruling Planets would incorporate the Lagna sign-star-sub lord, Moon sign-star-sub rulers, and the Day lord of the time when the correction exertion is attempted.
For our strategy, we consider just the Ruling Planet Moon’s position for looking for linkages with the uncertified Ascendant/lagna.
As per the guideline of amendment, In the event that we discover a linkage with the RP Moon sign-star-sub with the amended Ascendant sign-star-sub level then we are certain that the conceived a native time is accurate.


Throughout the previous years of my astrology study I learnt numerous strategies likeVedic astrology, Nadi astrology; K P astrology and theory of Cuspal Interlink, out of these CIL (Cuspal Interlink) give me certainty by which I could say that Astrology is as experimental as some other science.
CIL study has manufactured my certainty and edified me about True Astrology. It has cleared my ideas.
The framework is finished in itself. There are principles of connections between the different Lordships, and standards about the connotations of each of the houses. The framework is not tormented by ‘additional items’, for example, planetary retrogression, burning, worship, weakening, planets being youthful or in maturity or even planetary viewpoints in the typical way.
Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory is in tune with the Navamsa and Nadiamsa concept of Nadi Astrology. This is sound techniques of predictive astrology.
In Cuspal Interlinks Theory, Birth Time Rectification is done in very systematic way.
It is believed that CIL Theory is best astrological tool for rectification of a horoscope.
The rectification procedure has been summed up in seven steps.

Seven Steps of Rectification / Determination of Time of Birth

1. The Sub Lord and Sub-Sub Lord of Ascendant should be linked with the Star Lord of Moon;
2. Sex Determination with the help of the arc of sub sub lord of ascendant
3. Ascendant Co-rulers should be linked with 10, 1 and 7 Cusp/House
4. Moon Position Co-rulers should be linked with 10, 1 and 7 Cusp/House
5. Prana Lord at birth time of the native should be linked with 10, 1 and 7 Cusp/House;
6. Ascertaining the Genetically Connections with blood relation
7. Verification of Past Events. Like death of parents, first job, marriage, birth of children, foreign travel etc.

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