Lesser known facts about Bishnoi Community and the Blackbucks

BLACKBUCK is believed to be the Reincarnation of Bishnois Religious Guru- Bhagwan Jambeshwar. He is also famed as- Vehicle of Wind and Moon God. Salman Khan was recently arrested for killing the Animal- Blackbuck back in 1997.  As per the beliefs, Bishnoi Community waited a span of 20 years for the justice.

Here are some Unknown facts about Bishnoi Community and the Blackbucks:

Bishnoi Community

  • Bishnoi Community was formed by Jammeshwarji Maharaj (Jamboli) in 1542 AD, which was derived from the name Bish – Twenty and Noi – Nine).
  • The Bishnois are always known for their love towards Nature, Environment and the Wildlife Conservation. They always succour to protect the flora and fauna and maintain eco-friendly surroundings for a green Earth.
  • Jammeshwarji Maharaja perched 29 principles on the nature and the living beings.
  • A Bishnoi can never bear/sanction the slaughtering of the animals and the trees precisely, the endangered Blackbucks and Chinkaras.
  • The Bishnoi community of Jodhpur considers the blackbuck to be the manifestation of their religious Guru Jammeshwarji Maharaj.
  • Bishnois are perhaps the world’s only environment friendly religion and well-known as the Universal Protector of Birds, Animals and trees. They often contribute in maintaining Peace and harmony with in.
  • With countless efforts of this Community, over 1700 were arrested in 2016 involved in wildlife crimes and violations.
  • They always stand for Women’s Rights, Kindness and Brotherhood.
  • This notable community teaches a lesson of warmth and kindness towards all the living beings.

Do we Know ??

Bishnoi Community
-According to Hindu mythology, Blackbucks were used by chariots of Lord Krishna and also called as “Krushna Mrug” (black deer).

– In Rajasthan state, the illustrious deity- Mata Karni is also believed to be Protector of blackbucks.

-Blackburg are also considered as the Vahan (vehicles) of Lord Vayu (the wind god) and Lord Chandra (the moon God).

-A Blackbuck can change its colour with the changing seasons and the weather. It is one of features that is way essential for its survival.

-Blackbucks are Herbivore Species and are usually found in unsheltered areas, open fields and grassland regions·

-In the Mughal era, the Blackbuck hounding was portrayed in the miniature paintings. They were always killed and targeted by the Royal Families because for Shikaras (Hunting).



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