Budget Decided By Our Ministers! Let’s Decide Ours Now.

India’s annual budget is out and people are completely into its pros and cons. Finance minister Arun Jaitley announced the budgeting of the upcoming year on Wednesday and many major changes have been made. You can check out the latest news in NDTV’S article: India Budget 2017: A Quick Look At Winners And Losers

You must have for sure started your plannings to save money according to the new budget decided. But wait! You are missing on something important. Out of all the alluring plans of investment, you have; keep some for your health. Here are certain things you should take care of in these upcoming days.


Avoid using any type of tobacco product.


Budget for your health


Avoid smoking or tobacco eatables. This damages your lungs as well as make a big hole in your pocket.


Don’t use alcohol, street drugs, or others’ prescription drugs.


Budget for your health


These are again a major reason behind untimely deaths. Consider decreasing the consumption of alcohol. They do not come cheap! 😛


Do regular exercise.


Budget for your health


Many of us ignore exercising by thinking that when things are going ok, no need to invest time in these unnecessary practices. But, you do not know that your body is going through a slow poison. Start doing exercise and prepare your body for further challenges. And this comes free!


Eat a healthy diet.


Budget for your health


Eating healthy forms another vital part of your life. Avoid junk and fast food as this damages your body from inside. Healthy food like vegetables, dairy products, some meat and protein containing food should be a part of your daily diet. If you must be knowing junk food is a costlier affair in comparison to these friendly availabilities.


Do regular health checkups


Budget for your health


Consider investing some money every month at your doctor’s place. Regular health checkups at a trusted place will keep you updated about any kind of dysfunctionality in your body.


Keep laughing


Budget for your health


‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Trust me it is indeed! Do not pressurize your mind with the regular happenings. Every situation has a solution and hence work towards it keeping your cool intact. Keep laughing and spread a happy environment and no doubt this is available in abundance and for free of cost.


Do let us know if you have any more such interesting tips. All the well wishes from Rgyan team for your year ahead. USE YOUR MONEY WISELY.


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