8. Pushya:

The Star of Nourishment – (Cancer 03 20’ to 16 40’) Ruled by Saturn
Pushya is considered to be the most auspicious of the twenty-seven lunar mansions. The symbols for this asterism are a lotus, circle, arrow and the udder of the sacred cow. The ancient name of Pushya in the Rig Veda was Tishya, the Celestial Archer. It has a deva temperament with the primary motivation of dharma, or right action. The ruling planet is Saturn, which grounds the energy of this powerful nakshatra. The chief deity is Brahaspati, the High Priest of the Gods. The shakti of Pushya is “the ability to create spiritual energy”.
Pushya Career Interests:
Government and political positions.
Corporate leaders and heads of state.
Military and police work, lawyers and judges.
Musicians, poets and artists.
Geologists, dairy industry and aquatic biologists.
Spiritual teachers and clergy.

9. Ashlesha:

The Clinging Star – (Cancer 16 40’ to 30 00’) Ruled by Mercury
The symbol for this intense nakshatra is the coiled serpent at the base of the spine, reflecting the potent kundalini energy that resides here. Ashlesha means “the entwiner” and denotes the challenges of our addictions to sensory attachments. It is a very mental asterism ruled by Mercury and located in the sign of Cancer ruled by Moon. The main deities are the Nagas, the Serpent Kings. The shakti revealed here is the “power to inflict poisonous venom”. Ashleshans have a rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of dharma. Great mystical talents and enlightenment can be experienced if the primordial energy of this lunar asterism is harnessed. The Buddha had this nakshatra rising under a benefic full Moon during his blessed birth. The King Cobra protected the Buddha from the storms of life as he performed his tapas (spiritual austerities) under the bodhi tree.
Ashlesha Career Interests:
Writers, teachers, lawyers.
Astrologers, psychics and mystics.
Snake charmers, zoologists.
Stock market, speculative ventures, business skills.
Drug dealers, chemists, prostitution and gambling interests.
Sex therapists, addiction counselors.
The nakshatra Ashlesha is formed by six stars in the constellation of Hydra, the Water Snake.

10. Magha:

The Star of Power (Leo 00 00’-13 20’) Ruled by Ketu
Magha means “the mighty one”, reflecting strength and spiritual leadership. The great Indian saint, Paramahansa Yogananda had both his Moon and rising sign in this powerful nakshatra. Its symbol is the king’s chamber or palequin. The deities are the Pitris, the great protectors and fathers of humanity. Magha people have a fiery rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of artha, or material prosperity. The ruling planet is Ketu which reveals the mystical nature of this asterism. The shakti is “the power to leave the body”.
Magha Career Interests:
Politicians, lawyers, heads of corporations.
Self-employed, business acumen.
Historians, archaeologists, researchers.
Actors, musicians and gifts in the dramatic arts.
Magha is correlated with the bright fixed star Regulus, the kingly star located in the heart of the Lion.

11. Purva Phalguni:

The Fruit of the Tree (Leo 13 20’ to 26 40’) Ruled by Venus
This creative nakshatra is ruled by the planet Venus denoting brilliant skills in the fine arts and a love of pleasure. The sensual singer Madonna has both her Ascendant and Moon residing here. The symbols associated with this asterism are a swinging hammock, a couch and two legs of a bed reflecting a place of rest and enjoyment. The primary motivation experienced here is kama or pleasure. The shakti is “the power of creative procreation”. The deity is Bhaga, the God of Prosperity, who protects marital happiness and bestows family inheritance. The temperament is manushya or human.
Purva Phalguni Career Interests:
Actors, models, artists and musicians.
Radio, television and photography.
Business managers, retail sales, travel agent.
Cosmetics, jewelry and wedding planners.
Government service, politicians.
Teachers, professors.
Sex and marital therapists.

12. Uttara Phalguni:

The Star of Patronage (Leo 26 40’ to Virgo 10 00’) Ruled by Sun
The symbol for this service oriented lunar mansion is a healing bed or two legs of a cot. This is the “social worker” nakshatra who is always helping the friend in need. They possess great skills in the healing arts and counseling fields. These natives have a manushya or human temperament, while their primary motivation is moksha or spiritual liberation. The deity is Aryaman, the God of Patronage and son of Aditi, the Cosmic Mother. The shakti associated with this asterism is “the power of giving prosperity thru marriage”. The ruling planet is the Sun and reflects the ability to shine their healing light on those with whom they come into contact.
Uttara Phalguni Career Interests:
Social workers, philanthropists, charitable work.
Healing arts, state health officials.
Writers, actors and media personalities.
Astrologers, astronomers and mathematicians.
Sales and public relations, business minded people, successful.
Uttara Phalaguni is formed by two stars at the tail of the Lion.
“Straight be the paths and thornless on which friends will travel to present our suit. May Aryaman and Bhaga lead us together! May heaven grant us a stable marriage! Rig Veda X.85.23

13. Hasta:

The Hand (Virgo 10 00’ to 23 20’) Ruled by Moon
The symbol for this nakshatra is the palm of the hand. The primary deity is Savitar, the Sun God, who promotes creativity. He is called “the golden handed one”. The shakti of Hasta is “the power to manifest what one seeks and place it in their hands”. Hasta natives can have great dexterity and are skilled with the healing arts, and with handicrafts. Hasta is ruled by the Moon, and in the sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, reflecting the very mental, intellectual nature of this lunar mansion. It has a deva temperament with a primary motivation of moksha, or spiritual liberation.
Hasta Career Interests:
Craftsmen, artists and painters.
Scholars, teachers, comedians, performers and writers.
Hospital and volunteer work, public relations.
Advisors, ministers, counselors and psychotherapists.
Astrologers, palm readers, healers.
Sales, communications and networking skills.
Travel industry, conference planners.
Hasta is formed by five stars (fingers) in the constellation of Corvus, the crow.

14. Chitra:

The Star of Opportunity (Virgo 23 20’ to Libra 06 40’) Ruled by Mars
The symbol for the brilliant Chitra nakshatra is a bright jewel or pearl. Chitra translates as “the beautiful one” or “pretty pictures”, which reflects its ability to arrange things nicely and in an artistic fashion. The deity is Tvashtar, the divine celestial architect. The creator of Astro*Carto*Graphy, Jim Lewis, had his natal Moon placed here. Chitra natives are often successful artisan types. The shakti is “the ability to accumulate merit in this life”. Chitra has a rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of kama, or desire. The animal associated with this nakshatra is a female tiger which reveals the passionate, sensual nature experienced here. Mars is the ruling planet of this asterism.
Chitra Career Interests:
Architects, interior designers, jewelers, clothing.
Lawyers, judges, priests.
Religious people who have knowledge of the scriptures.
Creative business people, artists.
Writers, publications, radio, TV and film.
Armed forces, police detective.
Chitra is represented by the beautiful, high magnitude, fixed star, Spica, at the beginning of sidereal Libra.

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