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Budget for your health

Budget Decided By Our Ministers! Let’s Decide Ours Now.

India's annual budget is out and people are completely into its pros and cons. Finance minister Arun Jaitley announced the budgeting of the upcoming...
Yogic ways to stay happy

5 Yogic Ways To Stay Happy!

UTRASANA (Camel Pose)     In this asana the gravity stretches the chest and the shoulders little more in comparison to other backbends. This pose boosts the...
6-yogic ways to release stress

6 Yogic Ways To Remove Stress

Stress has always been the major concern for many. Our education, social and personal life, career, job; every other thing throws stress at us...
How to deal with viral fever

How To Deal With Viral Fever – The Yogic Way

Viral fever is a form of acute viral infection. This is quite common and may happen due to many external factors like season change,...