Jhapan Mela - Snake Festival Bishnupur West Bengal

Jhapan Mela – Snake Festival Bishnupur West Bengal

Jhapan Mela - Snake Festival Bishnupur West Bengal The most important Snake festival of West-Bengal is Jhapan Mela. It is celebrated in the month of...
Famous Precepts of Buddhism.

Five Precepts of Buddhism – Important Lessons of Life

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it. All religions have some basic guidelines that define about...
How Did Lord Jagannath Come Into Existence!

How Did Lord Jagannath Come Into Existence!

The creator of existence and the father behind all happenings has a miraculous story associated with his introduction to the world. His presence can...
Lord Shiva and Parvati

Who Proposed Whom? The Famous Love Stories Of Gods And Goddesses

Love stories have always been heart-warming and exciting. There are thousands of stories which make us wonder the true meaning of love. Here we...
Sita Navami - Maha Navami - Get Blessings To Be An Ideal Wife

Sita Navami – Get The Blessings To Be An Ideal Wife!

Goddess Sita - is the most adorable, influential, and powerful female character of the entire Indian Mythology. Her tales and stories of being a...
Lord Shiva’s favorite

Know What Can Impress Lord Shiva? Check Out What Are His Favorites!

Lord Shiva has special fondness and warmth towards his devotees and followers, so he is known as "Bholenath". He would surely listen...
Ganesh Chaturthi - The Mysterious Curse To The Moon By Lord Ganesha

The mysterious curse to the moon by lord Ganesha

A big feast was once arranged where many Gods and Goddesses were invited. Lord Ganesha had also attended the party. To make...
names of lord shiva

Lord Shiva’s Different Names And The Stories Behind!

Mahadeva (Mahesh) is one of the three most prestigious male deities in Hinduism. The rest of the two deities are Brahma and Vishnu. Lord...
5 Secrets About Lord Hanuman

5 Secrets About Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman has been worshipped by all devotees who wish to gain strength and courage in their lives. He is probably one of the...

Pind Daan – Why Hindus Perform Pind Daan At Gaya

Pind Daan is a ritual which is conducted after the Cremation of an individual. Hindus believe that Pind Daan is a must...

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