Akshaya Tritiya Mantras

Mantras to Chant on Akshaya Tritiya according to Zodiac Signs

India is a country which observes a ton of celebrations during distinct sacred Festivals. Such occasional celebrations are the strings of the...
Lord Subhramanya

Skanda Sashti: The Festival of Lord Murugan

Skanda Sashti is an important Hindu festival dedicated to the worship of Lord Skanda - God of war. It celebrates the Victory...

Jallikattu Festival – Comes From Lord Krishna’s Bull Fight!

This festival is very famous in the region of Tamil Nadu. It is considered to be one of the most significant ones among all...
Shattila Ekadashi

Magh Krishna Ekadashi Vrat – Shattila Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Ekadashi is considered to be one of the major rituals in Hinduism. In a year a total of 24 types of Ekadashi fall. On...
Importance of coconut in Hinduism

The Importance Of Coconut In Hinduism

Breaking a coconut for Gods and Goddesses is indeed a very common practice in India and hence holds a lot of importance in Hinduism....
Havan - the ancient fire ritual

Hindu Havan – An Ancient Fire Ritual

Hinduism has extremely precious rituals and vidhis associated with its existence. Every ritual framed has highly advanced beneficiary methodologies associated. Havan is seen to...
The Science Behind Janaeu

The Science Behind Janaeu

The sacred white thread also known as Janaeu is a thin cord, donned by Brahmin boys after they reach the age of 12. Wearing the...
Pitra Paksha 2017

Pitru Paksha: Auspicious Time to Repay Debts To Our Ancestors

Every year, a duration of 15-16 days marks the in-habitation of our ancestors in the earth. This day is known as Pitru Paksha...
Morning prayers for Hindus

The Basic Mantras For Everyday Morning Puja

Offering our devotion to God on a daily basis is very necessary as it not just shows our love for God, but also brings...
How to worship a banyan tree

How To Worship The Banyan(Bargad) Tree

How Sacred is the Banyan Tree In Hinduism, trees have held great significance. They are considered sacred are often associated with Gods and goddesses. The...

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