Why Childless couples are worried about having a kid? Adopt from Anaath-Ashram or NGO. Don’t Lose Hope Rather Choose Hope

Why Childless couples are worried about having a kid? Adopt from Anaath-Ashram or NGO. Don’t Lose Hope Rather Choose Hope

Happiness is having a child of our own. Every couple desires to experience the pleasure of parenthood. They dream of having a child whom they can foster, the way they want. However, nurturing a child is not an easy task in any way.

Once famous Sammy Davis, Jr said-

A man is not complete until he has seen the baby he has made.

True indeed, however the quote should be ‘a married couple is not complete without a Kid.

In Hinduism, Mothers even observe fasts on some special festivals and Hindu occasions in the selfless greed of having a child because they are their only support of dotage (old-age).

Nevertheless, some couples are not blessed with children due to one or the other problems/difficulties. Every so often, couples do not really want Kids, nothing but to enjoy life with freedom to the utmost. Apparently, they are running from their responsibilities and of becoming good parent, indeed. They cannot keep kids on top of everything else and always wish to be less concerned and anxious without them.

Even, as per the survey, it has been examined that- one on five mothers are unable to conceive a child by reason of some health issues and complications. Females those born in 60s (20-25 %), are left without a child.

The pain many of them feel is an absolute mental suffering or distress for them. As a result, the agony and grief sometimes turn up into an annoying or tedious person, who in reality, they are not.

Even though, couples sometimes get comments by people of their ages who have kids, like – ‘why’? Where is the problem? When are you planning for a baby and lot more.


The happily wedded pairs’ daydreams of having a child can in reality be fulfilled.

Government and the social workers, these days are really contributing a quite lot to building up great NGOs and Anathashram for orphan children and to those kids who haven’t accepted by their paren, good deals of children are available of distinct ages, traits, character and personality, irrespective of caste or religion.

Every child deserves a home to shelter upon and every childless couple should relish the fun of childcare and parenting once in their life-time.

Couples are left with great choices to be sure such as- adoption, IVF, Artificial Insemination and other medical techniques for birth of a child.

Adopt a child for contentment, self-satisfaction and unquestionably for the society.

Nonetheless, modern science has introduced within a span of decades, a medical or veterinary procedure of injecting semen into the internal genital of female for fertilizing an egg (conceiving),known as- Artificial Insemination.

Adopt a baby, perhaps an orphan child, for a reason that- there are more than 10, 00000 children in foster- care in the world. Give them a place in your heart as well as home and feel the happiness.


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