Is Christmas celebrated in Hinduism?

Christmas celebration in Hinduism? - Christmas Celebration 2018

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Is Christmas celebrated in Hinduism?

Christmas – the winter holy fiesta is around the corner. Being the most-celebrated occasion of Christians, it has now become the renowned religious festival world-wide. Since, Christmas is globally solemnized almost among all the religions and communities to glorify the birth of Jesus Christ. It has also come into notice that Hindu commemorate this popular merrymaking-Christmas with much verve and enthusiasm every year for five days from 21st to 25th December as Panchmukhi Ganapati’ (to read more, Click here) with the title- ‘Christmas of Hindus’.

In addition to this, the basic funfair Christmas activities like-Christmas tree decoration, Christmas decorations for house, Santa Gifts and Christmas carol are piously carried out by Christians as well as Hindus on every December 25th.

Does Hinduism believe in Christmas?

Does Hinduism believe in Christmas? Is Christmas celebrated in Hinduism? These questions often come in our mind whenever the Christmas season carnival month starts.

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Christmas is not limited to Christians in India, since God never asked to be precised (and determined) while it comes to celebrate any sacred celebration or divine revelry. In parallel, He never landed down on Earth and chose people of his choice to memorialize- the great Indian festival- Christmas.

As a matter of fact, Christmas- this annual religious celebration might be for Christians, but the lively jollification is for everyone in India. Annie Besant- the famous British writer once said- India is a country in which every great religion finds a home.

Christmas celebration in Hinduism :

Howbeit, Christmas and Hinduism are not interconnected though, yet has one thing in common. Hinduism brings in sparks, vivacity and happiness through festivals and Christmas as a festival brings in excitement, cheerfulness and joy all around.

As we know, Christmas is not only a religious celebration for Christians and Lord Ganesha is venerated with a great fervor and immense devotion as- Panchmukhi Ganapati by avid Hindu devotees for 5 days. Therefore, Hindus also involve themselves in various other homely celebrations, lively activities and fun-affairs including-

  • celebration of Santa’s birthday
  • a visit to their Christian friends
  • Christmas carol
  • Children fun-games

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  • more for wines and champagnes
  • preparing cakes and biryanis
  • decorating Christmas tree
  • arranging gifts for relatives
  • a walk to the church or Synagogues

The main motive of Christmas is to balance the spirituality and gaiety in a line. As Hinduism never force to be religion-specific over anyone during any festivity.

Besides, neither Hindu religion nor Sanatam Dharam asks to worship any certain God/deity and believes in equality and togetherness. However, Hindus observe this one-of a kind revelry to share gifts, colourful merriment, tempting food and to welcome the mesmerizing winter season.

Christmas celebration – Not only Christians religious festival

Rather it be a unique celebration from Christians or a religious ritualistic commemoration by Hindus (Panchmukhi Ganapati), Christmas left a blest legacy to maintain harmony, happiness and amity for all of us. It is our prime duty to learn something from these noteworthy events for a better society at large.Find out every possible reason to be happy by celebrating offbeat ceremonies around, regardless of religion/community and spread the message of togetherness and unity. Well, we would like to know- What is your view of Christmas as a Hindu? Please do share your Christmas experiences and celebrations here in the comment section.

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