DAGDHA RASHI is the result of the combination of Day, Tithi( lunar day) and Nakshaktra (constellation). It’s also called Burnt sign. Out of these Tithi, is most important in predictive astrology. Tithi assumes an extremely distinctive part in astrology though the majority of the Vedic astrologer overlooks ‘its significance while making forecasts.

We have 14 Tithis of Shukla Paksha(waxing Moon period) and 14 of Krishna Paksha,(waning Moon period) in this way making the aggregate of 28. Since one Tithi contains Poornima (Full moon) and one Amavasya (New moon) it an aggregate 30 Tithis and these 30 Tithis make one lunar month. To start with Tithi is known as Pratipada( 1st) and the last one is Chaturdashi,(14th) barring Poornima and Amavasya. Each native is born on some Tithi from Pratipada to Chaturdashi and obviously on Poornima and Amavasya also. Presently on each Tithi two Rashis (signs) are given the name of Dagdha Rashis and on some Tithis four Rashis(signs) fall under the classification of Dagdha Rashis(signs). On Poornima and Amavasya no Rashi is Dagdha Rashi(sign). The precise significance of Dagdha is smoldered. These Dagdha Rashi give either magnificent or most exceedingly awful results under specific conditions.

It is always good if this Dagdha Rashi(sign) falls in a Trik Bhava ( 6,8,12 houses), since a negative Rashi falling in a negative Bhava/house will give good results.

Dagdha Rashi Characteristics 

  • In case either of the Dagdha Rashi(sign) falls in a good Bhava/house, it is certain to spoil some good qualities of the concerned Bhava/house.
  • Apart from Sun and Moon, every planet has ownership over two Rashis (signs) and the Rashi (sign), which is Dagdha, suffers and not the other sign owned by the same planet.
  • If a benefic planet posited in Dagdha Rashi (sign) at the same time it is in retrograde motion, it will give excellent results during its period, or sub period. But in case this benefic happens to be in its direct motion it will give worst results in its period or sub period. Up to some extent this rule is valid during transit also.
  • If a malefic planet is posited in a Dagdha Rashi (sign) but in its direct motion it will give excellent results during its period and its sub period. But in case this malefic happens to be in its retrograde motion, it will give worst results during its period and sub period. Again up to some extent this rule applies during transit also.
  • Since Rahu’s(north node) and Ketu’s (south node)natural motion is retrograde only and they never move in a direct motion, therefore placement of these two planets in a Dagdha Rashi (sign) will always give excellent results during their periods and sub period. But out of the two, Rahu will give much better results as compared to Ketu.
  • In case a Dagdha Rashi (sign) is occupied by two planets, out of which one is malefic and other is benefic and this malefic is in direct motion and the benefic in a retrograde motion, in such a case in one planet’s major period the sub period of other planet will give excellent result. In case, as per rules if malefic is in its direct motion and the benefic is retrograde, a major period is that of malefic planet” will give excellent results, but as and when the sub period of benefic runs it will give bad results and vice versa.
  • The sun and the moon, being luminaries and having only direct motion are exempted from the rules mentioned above.

The Dagdha Rashi based on each Tithi.

  1. Prathama Tithi –Tula(Libra) and Makara(Capricorn)
  2. Dwiteeya Tithi —Dhanu(Sagittarius) and Meena(Pisces)
  3. Triteeya Tithi —-Simha(Leo) and Makara(Capricorn)
  4. Chaturthi Tithi —Vrishabha(Taurus) and Kumbha(Aquarius)
  5. Panchami Tithi —Mithuna(Gemini) and Kanya(Virgo)
  6. Shasti Tithi ——Mesha(Aries) and Simha(Leo)
  7. Sapthami Tithi —Kataka(cancer) and Dhanu(Sagittarius)
  8. Ashtami Tithi —-Mithuna(Gemini) and Kanya(Virgo)
  9. Navami Tithi —–Simha(Leo) and Vrischika(Scorpio)
  10. Dashami Tithi —Simha(Leo) and Vrischika(Scorpio)
  11. Ekadashi Tithi —Dhanu(Sagittarius) and Meena(Pisces)
  12. Dwadahsi Tithi –Tula(Libra) and Makara(Capricorn)
  13. Trayodashi Tithi –Vrishabha(Taurus) and Simha(Leo)
  14. Chaturdashi Tithi – Meena(Pisces)Mithuna(Gemini)Kanya (Virgo)and Dhanu(Sagittarius)
  15. Paurnima Tithi —-None
  16. Amavasya Tithi —None.

Dagdha Yoga (combination of days and constellations)

Week days and certain constellations form Dagdha Yoga, which is again malefic and is not desirable for good elections (muhurtha)

  1. Bharani on Sunday
  2. Chitra on Monday
  3. Uttarashada on Tuesday
  4. Danishta on Wednesday
  5. Uttarafalguni on Thursday
  6. Jyestha on Friday
  7. Revathi on Saturday

Dagdha Yoga (combination of days and tithi)

Week days and the tithis form Dagdha Yoga, which is malefic and is not desirable for good elections (muhurtha)

  1. Sunday and 12th tithi
  2. Monday and 11th tithi
  3. Tuesday and 5th tithi
  4. Wednesday and 3rd tithi
  5. Thursday and 6th tithi
  6. Friday and 8th tithi
  7. Saturday and 9th tit

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