Different Weapons Of Goddess Durga And Their Significance

Goddess Durga is the epitome of power and has been the most powerful of all the Gods and Goddesses. She had fought with the most treacherous demon ‘Mahisasura’ for 9 long days and took different forms of power to kill him. These 9 days which were filled with blood and energy, is known as Navratri where people follow many rituals and traditions. Do you know, what are the weapons Goddess Durga had used to kill the evil? This Navratri knows the special messages each Weapons Of Goddess Durga conveys.

Weapons Of Goddess Durga

  1. Sword (Khadga)
  2. Trident (Trishula)
  3. Thunder disc (Chakra)
  4. Arrow (Tir)
  5. Javelin (Bharji)
  6. Club (Khitaka)
  7. Bow (Dhanush)
  8. Noose (Pasha)
  9. Goad (Ankush)
  10. Shield (Sipar)
  11. Axe (Parashu)
  12. Lion (Vahana)

Now, these weapons actually represent the characters of Human behavior which every person should possess. You can invade any evil coming your way if you rule these characters which are signified by the weapons of Goddess Durga. Let’s see what all characteristics we should possess.

Sword – Khanda

Weapons of Goddess Durga

The sword represents the cosmic intelligence which is symbolized as Lord Ganesha. This mighty sword which forms the major weapon she possesses, suggests that man should get rid of his illusions and needs which binds his soul and prevents him from doing or experiencing the real duties.

Trident – Trishula

Weapons of Goddess Durga

The three points of the Trishul represents the past, the present, and the future. Goddess Durga is considered to be beyond the limits of time and hence she rules it. The center spike represents the soul which should ever remain above the past and the future since the past is gone and the future is unsure to become real. Therefore live with awareness every moment so that you would have lived every moment of your life.

Chakra – Thunder disc

Weapons of Goddess Durga

The chakra represents the sphere of life which keeps on revolving till we are alive. It says us that time destroys everything but with inner awakening one goes beyond time.

Dhanush and Tir – Bow and arrow

Weapons of Goddess Durga

Bow and arrow is a weapon which is being used since time immemorial. Gods and Goddesses used to use it and the kings also used to use it. The arrow held by Goddess Durga represents that people should be steadfast and focused on their aim. They should be very clear about what they aspire and work accordingly. The bow suggests that a person should by himself have the potential to attain his goals independently.

Bharji –Spear

Weapons of Goddess Durga

It signifies the hidden power of humans to overcome all obstacles in life.

Khitaka – Club

It is the symbol of Lord Hanuman and symbolizes Devotion and Surrender: Whatever we do in our life we should put love and devotion to it and let go of the outcome as almighty’s will.

Pasha – Noose

Weapons of Goddess Durga

This weapon is known to represent the action and power of Goddess Parvati. The noose will tie the evil and choke it to death. Similarly, we need to choke the evil feelings or craving we get from within.

Goad – Ankush

A goad is a spiky tool which signifies the limitation we should draw in our thought and actions. It seems to be the backbone of every action and reaction.

Shield – Sipar

Weapons of Goddess Durga

A shield is a weapon used to protect oneself from attacks. Hence, it signifies that we should possess the quality of knowing what is wrong and what is right and act accordingly. We should always keep away the wrong doings and also should never tolerate something against one’s chastity.

Axe – Parashu

Axe is a weapon which is quite sharp and has the capacity to chop off anything. This weapon signifies that one should possess the power to destroy ignorance and evil.

Lion – Vahana

Weapons of Goddess Durga

Lion is the king of all animals and is, in fact, the most powerful. Goddess Durga rules the existence by making a lion her Vahana. This signifies that one should keep their strengths and powers within one’s control and let it rise when required. We should also know that what our biggest strength is.

The weapons of Goddess Durga teach us the qualities we should possess to be powerful and achieve our dreams. Her fight with the demon Mahisasura was not just to eradicate evil from the universe during that time, but also to set an example for upcoming millions of generations. Considering her each message deeply we can achieve anything in life.



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