Unique Rituals of Diwali – Myths vs Reality

Diwali Puja Myth | Unique Rituals | Diwali Puja Myth vs Reality | Diwali 2018

Diwali is one of the biggest and the most celebrated festivals in India. People of every religion adore this renowned fiesta in their own conventional ways. Some enjoy the festivity visiting a sacred place and others believe in the traditional celebration with long-established rituals of Diwali.

Despite that, everybody is well-known and acquainted with the basic traditions and customs to be followed on the five days of Diwali; which include shopping, cleaning homes, decoration with glittering lights, bursting firecrackers, lighting earthen lamps, preparing delicious dishes, making rangolis and last but not the least offering prayers to the deities.

But, are you familiar with some strange yet unique rituals of Diwali? Though, the list is not limited, since Diwali has lot more things to do and it is substantial to know the myths and realities connected to those quirky traditions. Take a look and drop your feedback’s in the comment sections.

Myths vs Reality – Rituals of Diwali

Playing Cards in Diwali

Playing Card In Diwali | Diwali Ritual of Playing Card | Card Games in Diwali

Myth: Playing Cards during Diwali was originated from a mythology legendary tale that in Hinduism, five pandavas played a dice game along with with their cousins-kauravs and their loving wife Draupadi. Fortunately, they won over Draupadi on the day of Goverdhan Puja and conquered their 100 cousins in gambling. Hence, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi rises up and gets evoked as a witness for inspiration with the dice gambling game.

Reality: In some regions, there is a bizarre yet fascinating custom of playing cards at the time of Diwali. Enthusiasts take active participation in playing cards on Diwali and try their luck on numerous games such as- rummy, teen patti, poker etc. People engage themselves in these activities on Diwali for fun and enjoyment. Since, it is considered very propitious playing cards during Diwali.

Cleaning House For Diwali

Cleaning Home on Diwali | Diwali Ritual of Home Cleaning | Diwali 2018

Myth: During Diwali festival, Goddess Lakshmi sets foot inside your house if that would be clean and tidy. She is a Hindu deity of wealth and prosperity and likes to be your guest only when she will find it dirt-freed and polished.

Reality: It is very essential to clean your house once in a year at the minimum. Since, Diwali is a six day festivity thus people find Diwali the right time for dusting, painting and white-washing their homes. Hence they remove unnecessary items and excellently embellish them with Diwali decoration.

21 Diwali earthen lamps

Earthern_Lamps on Diwali | Diwali Ritual of Diya on Home| Diwali 2018 | Diwali Rituals and Myth | Diwali Myth of Diya

Myth: Flame up 21 diyas is one of the important rituals of Diwali. 21 earthen lamps (diyas) are ignited along with various Diwali lamps decoration to greet; and welcome Lord Rama back to his sovereign- Ayodhya after completing 14 years of long exile.

Reality: Indians decorate and lighten up Diwali earthen lamps to each and
every corner of their cleaned homes to demolish darkness and immorality on
Diwali festival.

Burning crackers on Diwali

Cracker Burning on Diwali | Diwali Ritual of Cracker Burning on Home| Diwali 2018 | Diwali Rituals and Myth | Diwali Myth of Cracker Burning

Myth: It is a belief that the sound generated from the crackers act as a messenger to gods; and proclaims a victory over bad and unholy. And on account of it, the fireworks grasp the attention of the divinity and listen to their devotees’ prayers.

Reality: The gaiety through fireworks and fancy crackers intensify the glittered atmosphere of the Diwali revelry and illuminate the surrounding with the vivid colors and sparks. Though, burning crackers cause pollution and increase contamination into the environment which have harmful and poisonous effects.

Buy jewelry (gold or silver) on Dhanteras

Jewellery Purhcase on Dhanteras | Dhanteras Rituals | Diwali 2018 | Diwali Rituals and Myth |

Myth: Worshiping Lord Kuber is the foremost tradition on Dhanteras. People buy gold and silver jewelry and even cooking vessels, utensils and a little silver to impress the deity. Yama- the God of Death is also venerated to avoid the uninvited, early and unwanted death.

Reality: Wedding season is almost on its way. People; especially women are curiously waiting to buy jewelries for the marriage festive season to look absolutely stunning. These expensive gold and silver jewelries are labelled with unbelievable heavy discounts on Dhanteras and are available at cheaper prices.

Harvest_Festival | Diwali Ritual as a Harvest Festival | Diwali Rituals and Myth | Diwali 2018

Diwali as harvest festival

Myth: To worship the victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasura demon, people make Goverdhan mountains/hills with cow-dung to represent the triumph of goodness over devilry. They also arrange a thanksgiving puja to offer prayers for a good harvest.

Reality: Harvest festival of India Diwali is celebrated to welcome the warmth of winter season; and to convey goodbye to summers. Diwali as harvest festival indicates to consume a lot of foods, sweets and buttery dishes to get prepared for the upcoming winters.

Prayer offering to Cattle| Diwali Rituals | Diwali Rituals and Myth | Diwali 2018

Offering prayers to Cattle

Myth: In some places, it is mandatory to worship domestic animals and pets; especially cows, buffaloes and goats to please deities. As it is considered that cows are the sacred manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Reality: Domestics are worshiped inside the cattle so to be ensured; that they give proper milk. As they are regarded to be the foremost source of income and are thus treated as holy divinities.

Happy Diwali
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and Shubh Deepawali!!


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