Diwali Safety Tips: Dos and Don’ts of Diwali

Diwali is a fun-filled Festival and a very few know that Diwali basically comprises of 5 days of celebration this year. Hurray !!! Now we can enjoy one more day and can celebrate this lightening Festival with more enthusiasm and zeal. We all love to have our favorite sweets on these 5 days of Diwali and involve ourselves in Fireworks as well. Let’s celebrate a safe and eco-friendly Diwali this year. Don’t forget to follow these Diwali safety tips.

Anyone from six-year-old to sixty-year-old enjoys firing crackers such as Anar, Chakri, and Fuljari etc.  regardless of age. However we also hear and watch a lot of accidents around us and on Televisions, Radio, and Newspaper related to Diwali crackers and Fireworks etc.  Just go through these Dos and Don’ts of Diwali once and avoid mis-happening by preventing yourself, your family members and children around you.

Diwali Safety Tips
Dos and Don’ts Of Diwali – Rgyan

Enjoy this Diwali to the fullest by taking extra precautions and try to follow these above mentioned important safety tips by keeping children well away from fireworks, and never let a child handle or light one all alone.

Take some cues from this Dos and Don’ts  and have a safe and joyful Diwali. Remember !!! All the accidents and mishaps due to fireworks always occur as a result of carelessness, negligence, and ignorance from our own side. So Simple precautions can help avoid these accidents.

Diwali Safety Tips

Rgyan supports cracker-free Diwali. Lets celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali this year to prevent air pollution. If you want to celebrate your Diwali with Crackers; then you should follow these follow these dos and don’ts of Diwali for safety of your family and neighbors.


  • Avoid lose and synthetic clothing while bursting crackers and lighting diyas. Wear cotton clothes instead.
  • Keep buckets of water handy for emergency.
  • Put cotton plugs in your ears to avoid damage to your ears, as the noise of crackers can be quite deafening.
  • Be sure to dispose off the crackers after you have burnt them. Don’t try to examine a cracker that has not burst.
  • Avoid doing stunts by holding crackers and lighting them in your hands. It can leave you seriously injured. In case of minor burns, splash the burns with cool water till the burning sensation subsides.
  • In case of fire, call the Fire Brigade at 101.
  • Do remember to read the instructions printed on the label of cracker, especially if the cracker is new to use.
  • Spare the animals. Don’t tie bursting crackers on the tails of animals for the sake of fun.
  • Burst crackers in an open space and make sure that there is no combustible or inflammatory substance around.
  • Store firework in a closed container and keep them away from any inflammatory or combustible substances around.
  • While burning the cracker, maintain safe distance.
  • While bursting crackers, tie your hair properly, especially if you have long hair.
  • Make sure that your child bursts crackers under your supervision. Take special care of kids.
  • People with any kind of respiratory problems must stay indoors.
  • Make sure to remove any inflammable object from your roof top Wear footwear while lighting fireworks.


  • Don’t light crackers in hand.
  • Don’t leave the firecrackers around burning candles and diyas.
  • Don’t burst crackers near electric poles and wires.
  • Don’t throw half burnt crackers, they may fall on an inflammable object and ignite fire.
  • Don’t wear silk and synthetic fabric outdoors. Avoid using open fire (matches or lighters) for bursting crackers. Instead, use sparkler, long fire wood or agarbatti to burst a cracker.
  • Don’t ever try to burst crackers inside any vehicle Avoid tampering with crackers if they take longer to burst. Maintain safe distance from the cracker and pour water to diffuse it.
  • Don’t burst crackers near stray animals, on road or near hospitals.
  • Don’t fiddle with an un-burst cracker.
  • Don’t light flying fireworks if there is a heavy wind.
  • Don’t ignite fireworks in any container.
  • Don’t attempt to make fireworks at home.
  • Don’t wear loosely hanging clothes; secure all clothes properly.
  • Don’t put fireworks in your pocket. Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths.

We wish you a very Safe and Happy Diwali. …!!!


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