Easy Ways To Impress Lord Shani

Vedic astrology determines the planetary positions of a person which decides their future. Among all the planets, Shani prevailing in anyone’s horoscope is considered to be very inauspicious. People face many hardships and sorrows when Lord Shani rules there horoscope. Getting away from the malefic effects of this planet is quite difficult but here we are with awesome easy tips for you.

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Easy way to please lord shani

Consider freeing a bird from his cage
How to worship lord shani

Lord Shani is considered to be a God full of justice and does not spare misdeeds of anyone. Hence releasing a bird from his cage will make him reduce some of your ill effects.

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Offer mustard Oil to the lord

How to worship lord shani

Lord Shani loves taking bath in mustard oil. Offer mustard oil to the deity and get the blessings from him. Saturday is considered to be his day, hence you can make a regular practice of visiting him every week. Chant the given mantra while offering him the mustard oil.

“Namaste kon sansthaye pingalaye namostute
namaste babhrurupaye krisnanaye cha namostute
namaste raudradehaye namaste chantakaye cha
namaste yamasangyaye namaste sauraye vibho
namaste mandasangyaye shanaishwar namostute
prasadang kurume deveshang deenasya pranatasya cha”

Worship him on Saturdays

Shani Dev believes in karma. The malefic effects are due to the bad karmas done by us in our previous birth. In order to neutralize them, you can perform certain activities. Prefer donating Urd, oil, sesame, amethyst gemstone, black cow, buffalo, black blanket or cloth, iron to a Brahmin. For even better results you can do fasting on this day.

You can also observe fasts on 51 Saturdays and take khichdi made of rice and black urad daal after sunset. Don’t forget worship him in Shani Amavasya.

Wear powerful ornaments

How to worship lord shani

Wear a blue sapphire or a 14-mukhi rudraksha bead, or a seven-mukhi rudraksha bead, or a Saturn Mala comprising 36 seven-mukhi beads and one 14-mukhi rudraksha bead.

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Donate to the poor

How to worship lord shani

Donate a pair of used footwear, urad dal, oil, sesame seeds, black blanket and iron on Saturday to a poor person and get rid of bad luck.

Worship the Peepal tree

How to worship lord shani

Peepal tree is considered to be the abode of Lord Vishnu. Hence, it is believed that worshipping it will remove the malefic effects of the planter Shani. Water the roots of Peepal tree, and circumambulate the tree seven times.

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He loves Jaggery

How to worship lord shani

Mix jaggery and sesame seed and scatter the mixture in an area of land. You may also fill ant-holes with a mixture of flour and jaggery.

Worship Lord Hanuman

According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman saved Shani from the clutches of Ravana in Ramayana. Lord Shani then promised to reduce the malefic effects of Shani on individuals if they worship Lord Hanuman. Hence worshipping Lord Hanuman will help you a lot.

Do good deeds – The best one

How to worship lord shani

Your bad Karmas attract sufferings. What is gone is gone but what is about to come is in your hands. So do as much good karmas as you can. They will help neutralize the malefic effects.

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