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Eat Light On This Day To Become Intelligent – 24th July!

We live in a world full of surprises and miracles. Every existence in the universe has a reason behind it, which is yet to be discovered. Similarly, the power of Guru Purnima is commendable. It is not just a date in the Hindu calendar, rather is a day full of scientific happenings. In 2021, Guru Purnima will fall on Saturday, 24th July. Now, let’s understand the reasons behind its specialty.

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnuhu, Guru Devo Maheswaraha
Guru Saakshaat Parabhrahma, Tasmai Sri Gurve Namah

Guru Purnima

In Sanskrit Gu means ‘Darkness’ and ru means ‘eradicating darkness’; hence, Gurus(teachers) are the ones who take away the ignorance from us and give us enlightening knowledge. Guru Purnima is dedicated to these bright sources of knowledge. Even nature showers respect to them by being scientifically effective on this day.

There are many reasons to celebrate Guru Purnima:-

  • The Full Moon Day in the month of Ashadha (July-August) which is known as Guru Purnima. This sacred day marks the very first transmission of the yogic sciences from Shiva – the First Yogi – to the Saptarishis. Lord Shiva himself took the initiative and made the Rishis attain 18 Siddhas. These 18 Siddhas of divine knowledge were imparted to us earthlings by these Saptarishis. It is believed that this teaching of the 7 Rishis happened on the banks of Kanti Sarovar, near Kedarnath. Performing this great act of imparting the greatest knowledge to innumerable people made Lord Shiva the first Guru.
  • Hindus dedicate Guru Purnima to Maharshi Veda Vyasa, the sage who is believed to be responsible for editing the sacred Hindu text, the Vedas and writing the 18 Puranas, Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavatam–all of which form the very foundation of the Hindu religion.
  • For Buddhists, the festival is an occasion to rejoice in the divinity of their guru, Lord Buddha, who is said to have delivered his first sermon at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh, on this very day.
  • The festival is also believed to mark the onset of monsoons and is thus a prime source of celebration for farmers.

Now, how to eat light on this day? STEP BY STEP Guide

Guru Purnima

  • The word light here signifies ‘knowledge’. Acquire more knowledge on the thing you do the best.
  • Take the help of the person who you think is well informed about that particular topic of your interest.
  • Accept him as your Guru for the day and further.
  • Dedicate the day for your inner wellbeing.
  • Meditate to bring in the calmness and concentration within you.
  • Watch the moon as it is believed to impart extremely positive energies in you, because it is the first full moon day after the solstice.
  • Perform Guru Pooja
  • Chant the powerful Guru Paduka Strotam

Guru Paduka Strotam

Guru Purnima

Anantha samsara samudhra thara naukayithabhyam guru bhakthithabhyam,
Vairagya samrajyadha poojanabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

Kavithva varahsini sagarabhyam, dourbhagya davambudha malikabhyam,
Dhoorikrutha namra vipathithabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

Natha yayo sripatitam samiyu kadachidapyashu daridra varya,
Mookascha vachaspathitham hi thabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

Naleeka neekasa pada hrithabhyam, nana vimohadhi nivarikabyam,
Nama janabheeshtathathi pradhabhyam namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

Nrupali mouleebraja rathna kanthi saridvi raja jjashakanyakabhyam,
Nrupadvadhabhyam nathaloka pankhthe, namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

Papandhakara arka paramparabhyam, thapathryaheendra khageswarabhyam,
Jadyabdhi samsoshana vadawabhyam namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

Shamadhi shatka pradha vaibhavabhyam, Samadhi dhana vratha deeksithabhyam,
Ramadhavangri sthira bhakthidabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

Swarchaparana makhileshtathabhyam, swaha sahayaksha durndarabhyam,
Swanthacha bhava pradha poojanabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

Kaamadhi sarpa vraja garudabhyam, viveka vairagya nidhi pradhabhyam,
Bhodha pradhabhyam drutha mokshathabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukabhyam.

We hope you do not waste this upcoming energetic day and use it for your personal development to the fullest. Excel and help others excel!

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