Facts About Sikhism Everyone Should Know

India is a land of multiple religious faiths. In this country, most of the largest organized religions originated. Sikhism is one of them. This religion has almost 30 million followers all across the world. 83% of the Sikhs live in India, and more than 430,000 Sikhs reside in the UK.

In India, the Sikh religion was born in almost five hundred years ago. This religion gave progressive beliefs and unique divine scriptures to mankind. Sikhs are always appreciated for their honesty, hard work, and brave community. Here, we will discuss some must-know facts about Sikhism.

1. Sikhism Never Supports Any Superstition

In Sikhism, there is no value in superstitions. This religion instructs us not to believe in bad moments or good moments. Sikhism teaches us that all days are the same and all numbers are the same. No number or day is better than the other.

2. The Truth of Turban

The practice of the turban was initiated in the era of Guru Gobind Singh. It is also known as Dastar in Persian. The turban carries the sign of nobility and respect. It is a significant spiritual practice in the Sikh religion.

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3. The Truth of Gurudwara

Gurudwara has a significant impact on Sikhism. There is no particular structure of Gurudwara. Sikhs believe, that any place where the Guru Granth Sahib will be placed and treated with respect, that place will be referred to as Gurudwara. It can be a room or a separate house. In Gurudwara, there are four doors. These are known as the door of livelihood, the door of peace, the door of grace, and the door of learning. The light in the Gurudwara means that the Guru’s light is always spreading on mankind.

4. Sikhs Love to Serve Food in the Form of Langar

Langar is a common Sikh practice. This religion is famous for its harmony, equality, and commitment. They love to serve vegetarian foods for free. In Langar, everyone has the equal right to get food. Everyone sits on the floor and there is no special seat or arrangements for anyone. The worship ritual ends with the Langar.

5. Belief In One God

Sikhism believes in One God, who is known as ‘Ik Onkar’. According to the Gurumukhi script, ‘Ik’ means the One and Only. ‘Onkar’ means ‘Eternal sound of God’. Guru Nanak gave ‘Ik Onkar’ to the Sikh fellows as the true symbol of God. In Sikhism, God is also known as ‘Akal Purakh’.

6. Five ‘K’ Of Sikhism

The five K has a great influence on Sikhism. These are the five symbols of the Sikh religion. Guru Gobind Sign enlightened the Sikhs about the five K. The five Ks stand for Kesh (symbolizes spiritual devotion), Kara (symbolizes strength), Kanga (symbolizes cleanliness), Kaccha (symbolizes chastity), and Kirpan (symbolizes the strength to protect the weaklings).

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7. Gender Equality

Sikh religion believes in gender equality. They believe in equal rights for men and women. In this religion, women participate in all social and cultural activities. They also can attend religious gatherings. In the Sikh religion, women also have led battles. The Sikh Gurus did so much to provide equal status for women in society.

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Final Words

This post will enlighten you with the fun facts about Sikhism. Hopefully, the mentioned information will be helpful for you to gain more knowledge on the Sikh religion. The educating facts about this religion will give you a better and deeper understanding of Sikhism.


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