Six Interesting Facts about Turban

You might be eager to know why your Sikh friends or Sikh Community People wear that huge cloth on their heads. Stay tuned to this article as we will be sharing with you some interesting facts on the turban of the Sikh community.

What exactly does turban mean for Sikhs?

A turban is a traditional headwear based on cloth winding. It is worn by people of various cultures as per their religious beliefs. For Sikhs, the turban is an article of faith that represents equality, honor, self-respect, courage, and brotherhood.

Khalsa Sikhs are instructed to wear the five Ks by Guru Gobind Singh since 1699. In the five Ks, each k has individual importance. Among 5 Ks one is Kesh: keeping uncut hair. Sikhs wear turban to cover their long, uncut hair. It is an important part of the unique Sikh identity aimed at promoting equality and brotherhood.

6 Must-know Facts about the Sikh Turbans

1. Why do Sikhs wear turban?

Sikhs who have become religious must cover their heads with headscarves to show equality among faith followers. Since it is considered respect for Sikhs to protect their heads in public places and our religious rooms, the turban also fulfills this function. Another theory goes like Sikhs are not allowed to cut their hair. That’s why Sikhs have long beards and hair; this is an expression of acceptance of God’s will. The turban they wear helps cover the long hair and look fashionable with the Manbun curve.

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2. Types of turbans

  • Dumalla: It is a larger, rounder headscarf. Some Sikh men wear a smaller round headscarf. Sikh women who wear headscarves also tend to wear round headscarves.
  • Parna: It is a small round headscarf, usually tied together with a thicker printed/checked cloth.
  • Paghri or pagh: It is the angular one or commonly called like this or that one. 

3. Turbans and the color codes

There is no religious significance associated with any particular headscarf color. Some colors, such as orange, blue, and white, are traditionally worn in religious celebrations or occasions. Red is usually worn at Sikh weddings. 

4. Is it a hat?

The turban itself is not a hat and mostly is not even worn like a hat. The Sikh turban is a long piece of cotton cloth, usually six meters long and one to two meters wide. To wear it, the scarf is folded several times (this process is called Pooni making) into a single layer and then is wrapped concentrically around the head in four-five layers.

5. It helps with excessive heat!

Even the thought of trying a few layers of fabric on the top of your head in hot weather feels uncomfortable, but in fact, headscarves are a ubiquitous piece of clothing in hot climates. It protects the wearer from sunlight and exposure to sunlight and saves them from extreme weather. Something different than what you thought, right?

6. Is it worn by sleeping or showering?

It is strictly prohibited to wear turbans while sleeping or sleeping. Most people do not wear it to bed or shower because it is not built waterproof.

Also, running water is lethal to the person wearing a headscarf. But it can be worn for short naps; it’ll be a good pillow for that!

Is every Sikh forced to wear a turban?

No, people wear turbans as per their religious beliefs. Some people get themselves good haircuts as well. Many faith followers do not wear a headscarf or grow their hair but still legally follow the faith and identify with it.


From the above facts, we hope that all your general doubts on why Sikhs wear turban are clear. The facts denote that the turban plays an important role in their religion.


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