Father’s Day Special: 6 Most Popular Fathers in Hindu Mythology

Father’s Day is dedicated to fatherhood and celebrated 3rd Sunday of June. This article is dedicated to the most popular godliness fathers in Hindu mythology.

Father: A Daughter’s Super Hero and Son’s Inspiration. A child is looked after by both father and mother at the same time. They play a vital role in a kid’s life. Nurturing offspring is undoubtedly the toughest and the most adorable job for the parents since eternity. They love their children dearly and work hard to make them available the best possible amenities and luxuries of life. They take their children as divine from gods. A Child always copies his father’s style and seizes his attributes and traits fairly well.

However, a father is supposed to present himself as a bold, courageous and intelligent person before his little ones. He has a significant role to play in the process of fostering a kid. In our Hindu Mythology, We can find a huge list of prestigious Fathers who fostered their loving juveniles (children) in well-matured and saintly beings. On this father’s day, let’s explore our 6 godliness most popular father characters in Hindu mythology, you might know or not.

Lord Rama: The Father of Princely Twins

We all know Lord Rama had two sons- Luv and Kush. When Sita gave birth to two –brave twins, she was all alone in the forest and Rama was not present at the time of their birth in the Ashrama. Mother- Sita was the single parent who left no stones unturned in upbringing up his twin sons- Luv and Kush on her own with utmost care and affection in Valmiki’s Ashram. However, after the death of Sita, Lord Rama taught all the Arts of Kingship. He also built two capital cities, one for Luv- the city of Shravasti and Kushavati for Kush.

King Dashratha: The helpless Father

The Great King of Ayodhya and a father of four- renowned Mytho-Heroes- Lord Rama, Laxmana, Bharat, and Shatrugana is Raja- Dasharath. Lord- Rama was his firstborn son who is forced to be separated from his beloved mother and father due to some family disputes. Prince Ram along with his exquisite wife- Sita and his obedient brother- Laxman left Ayodhya for an exile of 14 years on a single call of his mothers.

Lord Shiva: The Father of Three Daughters and Three Sons

We have heard a lot about Lord Shiva’s mythological stories but very few are aware of his children. Many must have discerned all the incidents and stories of two famous sons: Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya but in reality, he had three sons and three daughters. No one knows about his three non-popular Daughters- Ashok Sundari, Jyoti, and Manasa. Surprising but true! Shiva’s three daughters are worshipped even today in different parts of the country. His three sons were Kartikeya Ganesha Ayyappa had three daughters: Ashok Sundari Manasa and Jyoti. Parvati once created Ashok Sundari from a tree. One of the daughters- Jyoti was established with the Aura of Lord Shiva’s Light and thus named as –Jyoti and the last one- Manasa was created when Lord Shiva’s semen touched a statue carved by the mother of snakes ‘Kadru’.

Manu: The Father of Mankind and a Self- Creator

Manu was supposed to be created by himself through his own children.  He is therefore presumed as the ‘father of humanity’. As per the Hindu Folklores, He saved the whole universe and mankind from the devastating flood with the help of a big seraphic boat as well as Vishnu’s avatar (Matsya).

Lord Krishna: Was he a Bad Father or the Naughtiest One

Krishna had 80 sons from his 8 foremost queens. Many of us do not know that Samba was one of the sons of Lord Krishna. He was very mischievous, stubborn, and always used to misbehave with Krishna’s younger wives. He got fed up with his wicked acts and later on cursed him with a skin disease. However, his most obedient and popular son in Hinduism is Pradyumna.

Lord Brahmana: Yes, He was a Father too

Very few people know, that Lord Brahmana was a very kind-hearted father. He was the father of a renowned- sage-Kardam Jee(Ji). Karami was born from the Shadow of Lord-Brahmana. He has a beautiful (vimana) vehicle equipped with all kinds of luxuries. Further on, he married a beautiful girl- Devahooti who was one of the daughters of Manu and latterly, had nine- daughters with her Nine-Different Forms. However, the expounded version (Katha) of Sage- Kardamji’s life is depicted in Bhagavata Purana.

We have discussed here the elucidated stories about the brave fathers and their gutsy sons of former times. A Father is someone who can share his knowledge and life’s fundamentals to help a family grow and develop steadily. He is the one who helps his kids learn proper boundaries and consequences.

Wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day. !!!!


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