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Festival List of September 2018

Being the land of countless festivals and rituals, India comes under one of the most famous countries of the world in terms of religious observances (festivals). Starting from the month January to December, India divulges round about 60000 Hindu festivals and religious ceremonies consisting of a series of sacred customs and divine mores. Each pious occasion is treated with utmost devotion and spiritual veneration under peculiar treatment amongst Indians. All these festive celebrations also comprise of different dates and auspicious timings (shubh-muhurat contact jyotirvid), based on the lunar Hindu panchang.

These Festivals are solemnized in distinct months as per Hindu calendar (lunar one) and are thus observed recognizably in different parts of India as well as outside. However fall on discrete dates every year depending upon the movements of sun, moon and various other terrestrial planets in the cosmic universe and also based on the refinement of the Julian calendar. The dates of the festivals may sometimes even vary (change), depending on the changes in sun’s location, based on the Gregorian calendar.

Do we know how many Festivals will fall on September month?

September is on the horizon and fast approaching within 3-4 days. Let’s not waste much time and bob to the festival listing of the September in 2018, forthwith.

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Krishna Janmashtami :

The birth-anniversary of the most adorable and the mischievous God is Krishna Janmashtami, celebrated annually in the month of Bhadrapad (August/September) on the 8th ashtami day of the dark fortnight will be observed on 3rd September, 2018.

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Masik Karthigai :

Masik Karthigai light festival which is observed every month to extol Lord Shiva, Lord Murugan and also commemorates the birth-anniversary of Lord Karthikeya in the month of September among Tamil- Hindus. According to Tamil- calendar. Masik Karthigai date for the month September are 2nd and 28th in 2018.

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Rohini Vrat :

One of the popular fasting occasions with spiritual practices among Jain community will be on 3rd September in the year-2018. Women observe a strict fast with religious set of rituals for their husbands’ and children’s’ good health, wealth and prosperity.

Aja Ekadashi :

Aja Ekadashi is adorned in Hindu Bhadrapada month during Krishna Paksha on the dark fortnight of moon. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and also famous as Ananda Ekadashi is celebrated with great devotion on 6th September in year- 2018.

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Pradosh Vrat :

Pradosh Vrat is a sacred fasting ceremony, committed to Lord Shiva and his beautiful consort- Parvati. It is celebrated on the 13th day of lunar fortnight and is also famed as- Pradosham among Hindu devotees. This year-2018, it would admire on- 7th of September with fasting practice.

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Masik Shivaratri :

Monthly adorned by Lord Shiva admirers and will fall on 8th in the month of September. Masik Shivratri marks as an important sacred festival to revere Lord Shiva on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi which is the fourteenth day of the lunar month.

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Bhadrapada Amavasya :

Bhadrapada Amavasya is reverenced in a new moon day according to Hindu calendar. In year 2018, it will be commemorated among the Hindu followers on 9th of September with specific rituals.

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Chandra Darshan :

Chandra Darshan has a great importance in Hindu culture. Moon God (Chandra Dev) is venerated by Hindu devotees to gain opulence and prosperity, As per Hindu Lunar Calendar, it is celebrated one day after no moon day and will be observed on 11th September this year.

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Hartalika Teej :

Hartalika teej is considered as the most happening teej festival in Hinduism. Commemorated by married women for their husband’s long lives to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is likely to fall on 12th September in 2018.

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Ganesh Chaturthi :

Most widely and renowned celebration among Hindu followers in the month of Bhadrapada for ten days is Ganesh Chaturthi. It is eminent to reverence Lord Ganesha’s birth celebration and will begin by 13th September in 2018.

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Rishi Panchami :

Rishi Panchami will be revered on 14th September in 2018. As per Lunar Hindu Calendar, it is celebrated in Bhadrapada month, just after a day of Ganesh Chaturthi every year.

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Skanda Shasti :

Monthly reverenced festival to venerate Lord Muruga aka Surapadma on the 6th day of the lunar month according to Tamil calendar is Skanda Shashti. This month (September-2018), it is going to be exalted on 14th in South-Indian states of India.

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Gauri Puja :

Ardent followers of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati worship and observe fast during the entire day to get their blessings and boons. This year, Gauri puja will be idolized on 16th 

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Masik Durgashtami :

This festival is dedicated to one of the powerful Hindu deities- Durga (Shakti), thus celebrated every month to pay homage to dynamic divine Goddess. This month in September (2018), it is going to be glorified on 17th

Mahalakshmi Vrat :

Mahalaxmi Vrat will start during Bhadrapada month from on 18th September in 2018 on Shukla Asthami and finishes by 2nd There are total 16 Mahalaxmi fasts (Vrats). It is also famed as –Radha Asthami as Mahalakshmi Vrat is also distinguished as- Radha’s birth celebration.

Vishwakarma Puja :

Vishwakarma Puja is solemnized on Monday, 17th September in 2018. It is venerated to esteem a Hindu divinity of Architecture and the creator of Krishna’s homeland- Dwarka.

Ganesh Visharjan :

On the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi ten day festivity, Ganesh Visarjan takes place, which is happened to be revered as saying an adieu (good bye) to Lord Ganesha.

Anant Chaturdashi :

This is observed on the fourteenth day according to Lunar calendar and is commemorated by the avid Hindus and Jain followers across the country. It will be on 23rd September (2018) on fortnight.

Sankashti Chaturthi :

Devoted to Lord Ganesha, mostly celebrated each month in accordance with Hindu Lunar Calendar. It comes after Purnima celebration and will be observed on 28th September this month in 2018.

Abhaneri Festival :

It is a three days many-hued festival celebrated in the India states of Rajasthan on 10th September to 13th September in 2018. Prominent as a cultural event, it is observed around the very famous- Abhanari Step Well (Chand Baori) in Dausa District, Rajasthan.

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Ramnagar Ramlila :

Ramagar Ramlila in 2018 is about to be commenced by 6th September in 2018 till 7th It is 31 day festivity which exhibits the entire mythological story of epic Ramayana, depicting Lord Rama, Laxmana, Hanumana, Goddess Sita and one and only Ravana.

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