Five Precepts of Buddhism – Important Lessons of Life

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it. All religions have some basic guidelines that define their morality and behavior. The Five Precepts of Buddhism are the most important rules and these have been defined by Buddha himself.

The Five Precepts of Buddhism

  1. No Killing: Respect for life 
  2. No Stealing: Respect for others’ Property 
  3. No Sexual Misconduct: Respect for our Pure Nature 
  4. No Lying: Respect for Honesty 
  5. No Intoxicant: Respect for a Clear Mind

1. No killing: Respect for life

Buddha said, “Life is dear to all beings”. “They have the right to live the same as we do.” We should respect all lives and should not kill anything and anybody. Live and allow others to live; one should not slaughter animals as killing ants and mosquitoes are like breaking this principle instantly. We should always respect every creature and remember one thing: There is no greater Religion than Humanity. Therefore everyone should have a positive and kind behavior towards all the living- beings, wishing them to be happy and free from harm. Always do Take care of the Earth, flora, fauna, and other natural resources around us including- rivers, mountains, and many more.

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2. No stealing: Respect for others’ Property

Buddha always taught to Earn and Eat. If we steal from another, we steal from ourselves. Instead, we should learn to give and take care of things that belong to our family, surroundings, to the college/school/office, etc. One should never focus on grabbing things from anyone without his/her permission.

Once William Shakespeare said:


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3. No sexual misconduct: Respect for our Pure Nature 

Proper conduct shows respect for oneself and others. Our bodies are gifts given by our parents, so we should protect them from harm and pain. The mental and physical balance should be required for a peaceful life. Young people should especially keep their natures pure and develop their virtues. It is up to them to make the world a better place to live and how to love things around them. In happy families, the husband and wife both respect each other and also their elders. They should maintain harmony through mutual understanding and love towards each other.

4. No lying: Respect for Honesty

Being Honest never hurts anyone, being a liar hurts only you. Honesty always brings positivity and peace into the world. When there is a misunderstanding, the best thing is to talk it over rather than assume things in your mind. This Buddha’s Percept includes no gossip, no back-biting, no harsh words, and no idle speech. Be honest at least with the people whom you love and admire.

5. No intoxicants: Respect for a Clear Mind

The last principle is intrinsically based on keeping a clear mind, soul, and explicit world. One should always focus on a fit and healthy body. A perfect example can define it: Once When the Buddha was speaking about the Karma and Dharma in an assembly; a young drunkard lurched into the room unsteadily. He was as drunk as he tripped over some monks over the practitioners who were sitting on the floor and started cursing loudly. His breath smelled of alcohol and filled the air with a stink everywhere. Mumbling to himself, he staggered out the door. Everyone was astonished at his rude behavior, but the Buddha remained calm. “Great assembly!” he spoke.

“Take a look at this man! He will certainly lose his wealth and good name. His body will grow weak and feeble. For sure, day and night, he will quarrel with his family and friends until they abandon him. The worst thing is that he will lose his wisdom and become stupid on the day very early in his ages”.

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This shows how a person who is addicted and was addicted once to intoxicating substances steadily becomes insensible and useless in a period of time. So, He always urged to say “No To Intoxicants”.

We should take a pledge to learn all these principles gradually but surely as it is never too late to make things right. Following the five precepts of Buddhism should be our day-to-day chore because- Magic Happens Only when You believe In Yourself.

Wishing you all a very joyful and affluent Buddha Purnima. Stay Fit and Healthy!



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