Heart Touching Miracles By Shirdi Sai Baba


Story 1 – By Sai Devotee Sandhya

Heart Touching Miracles

Sai Sister Sandhya Ji from India says: I am 25 years old from Mumbai, but currently staying in Jaipur. I am also a child of SAI BABA like all. I just want to share my experience with everyone, so that it brings hopes, tears of happiness, security and love of BABA. I would like to thank Hetal Ji for her kind work that she is doing. You are giving joy to people that cannot be described in words. Sai Baba will bless you and all his children.

  • How Sai Called Me To Shirdi – There is no one in my friends or family, who was a believer of SAI BABA, but somehow I always had the urge to visit Shirdi and see Him. I always used to plan with my mother to go there, but I could not go. I never even prayed to Him. My mother was then just operated for her cancer in her kidney. After being discharged from the hospital, she came home and one fine evening I said that tomorrow we will go to Shirdi and she said fine, do the booking and all. And guess next day, we were in Shirdi. What can be more wonderful than this that from nowhere just while talking I said we will go to Shirdi and without any preplans, next day we were there. This was when our SAI BABA called me to Shirdi in the year 2008 and since then He calls me every year.Image result for sai baba
  • How Sai Baba helped my mother to fight her deadly diseases – My mother was a patient of brain tumor and cancer both. How many people can fight such disease and how many of them survive? I continuously used to pray for my mother to our SAI BABA. I still remember before every operation, how I used to console my mother and at that time she used to be my kid and I am her mother. The long waiting outside the operation theater and then taking her to the ICU keeping her there for days and I and my younger brother used to just stay outside the ICU just to get her one glimpse, as it is not allowed to go inside the ICU because it may cause infection to the patient. I just pray to our SAI BABA that please don’t make anyone suffer from the disease. You can once see yourself in pain, but not your loved ones. And I bow to Him that it is You, who saved her. Now please take care of her. I can’t see her living on medicines and so weak. You have given her life made her strong. After all its been a suffering of 20 years and more. Bless all.
  • Sai BABA helped me in my exams – I was giving my company secretary exams and I knew that I had not prepared well. I knew that I was not supposed to pass because people who give such professional exams work hard day and night and then they get through it. But someone like me, who study at the last moment, thinks that they should pass. But I knew that if I passed in these exams, it will be a blessing of SAI BABA. I worked hard in the last days. While going for my first exam, I saw a man resembling our Sai Baba, the one we usually have heard of Him like a fair, in a white dhoti and white shawl. He had a young calf with him. On my way to the exam center, we have a Shirdi temple, which is closed from 12-4pm in the afternoon. And I used to pass that temple at 1 pm daily. It was always closed and I didn’t feel good about it. But daily I used to see this man. On my second exam only, I felt so ill that I realized that I had not had water from past two days. And no one was there to take care of me as I stayed alone here in Jaipur. My second exam went so bad that I thought of giving it up. But then I believed in SAI BABA and took His name and said I leave everything on You. Now when I used to see that old man daily on my route on my last exam, I was actually searching for him, but I could not find him. But to my surprise, that day Sai Baba temple was open. And then my result came after two months and to everyone’s surprise, I had cleared my exams. It’s all with our SAI BABAs blessing. It’s not that you don’t have to do anything; we should remember that God helps those who help themselves. Bless all.Related image
  • Money came into my account – This is again a moment where chills run into spine even now. I remember I was short of money those days. I did not have enough money and I needed for paying my exam fee and all other things as I was staying away from family I had much more expenses. One afternoon, I was left with only 1000 rupees and I thought I will withdraw this as I needed money for food. I went to the ATM, and I withdrew one thousand. I checked the balance and it showed 1lakh twenty thousand. I thought the machine is giving the wrong figures. I went to other ATMs and again cross checked it was 120000. I rubbed my eyes. Then I thought I should check with the bank because it wasn’t possible. Then they confirmed that I have this amount in my account. And I could not sleep for nights with joy as from nowhere this amount in my account came. I know it was SAI BABA, who gave me exactly the amount that I needed. This was the time, when I started realizing that how blessed soul I am. He always assures me that He is with me all the time. It’s just that when do we realize it that watch yourself cause you are always watched by the Lord himself.
  • How SAI BABA brought calmness in my life – We all struggle in life, that is what life is all about struggle, happiness, pain, gain, ups and downs. Isn’t it? Even I was going through such a phrase, where a jolly person like me went into a sort of depression. I used to get frustrated shout at people and then used to cry for my behavior that how I behaved with my loved ones. But I felt helpless as I thought nothing is in my control. But then we all know that how can our SAI MA see Her children in pain and sorrow. From the time I have felt His presence, I could see the difference. I started reading Sai Satcharitra and slowly I realized that we are the ones, who make our life miserable. If we love others, we will get back only love. So it’s just that simple logic that we get back what we give and leave everything on SAI BABA. And all this I learnt from reading Sai Satcharitra.

All I want to say is that believe in Him. He is the ultimate savior and what does He ask for nothing more than love. I have few more experiences that I will be sharing with you all brothers and sisters. Be there with Him because He is always there. ‘’OM SAI RAM’’.

Story 2 – Sai devotee Sandeep from India says

Heart Touching Miracles

Thank you, Hetal Ji, for creating this wonderful blog. Devotees can express their miracles and read such experiences from other devotees to build confidence in their life. Here goes my intro; I’m a small devotee of Baba who has been worshipping Him for many years. I have experienced so many miracles from Him. Now I’m sharing some of my experiences with them.

During my engineering, I had got into a big problem because of one of my friends. Then one day I went to Baba’s temple casually, prayed and offered Him some dakshina. Since then the situations turned in my favor, finally got out of that problem. I have experienced many such miracles from Him, can’t share everything here as there is no end to His miracles. I’ll try to share some more in my next post. Now every day I used to go to His temple and, read Satcharitra parayan on every month’s 1st week. I have completed Nava Guruvar Vratam as well for 2 times.

I got everything till now with the blessings of Baba. But now I’m going through a hard phase in my professional career. Since 2 years I have been trying to get into my career’s next step but not getting successful. Baba is not opening the doors to step into my next plan. Don’t know what He has for me as He knows my current situation. Right now I’m having plenty of confusions in my life that what’s next? Sai Deva, please show me the way to achieve my dream and make my parents happy. I trusted You Sai Deva, show Your mercy to me Sai Deva. Finally, I pray Sai Deva to give strength and happiness in everyone’s life because He is our savior and He’ll do anything for His Bhaktas. Thank You, Baba!!! Jai Sai Nathaya Namaha…!

Story 3 – Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says

Heart Touching Miracles

  • Ganesha Sai and Om Sai Ram to all Sai Maa devotees. This is my second post and I have already posted my experiences before and they have been published also. My heartfelt thanks to Hetal sister and the blog team members who are doing a great job. I wish to share few of my experiences where Baba listened to my prayers.
  • I am an Engineering student. It was the time of my lab internals and I was a bit nervous about it, as those labs were tough and moreover I wanted a good score in it (as my written internals were not with a very good score). I prayed Baba that my lab internals and my lab exam should go on good and have a good score in it. Baba listened to my prayers and I got good marks in it.
  • My family had planned a trip during Shivarathri. There were a misunderstanding and small dispute between my dad and grandmother (my mother’s mom), due to which my dad refused to take grandmother with us for the trip. This was the difficult situation to handle because of my grand maa really wished to come with us for the trip but my dad refused it. Then I started praying Baba and wonders happened that is my daddy agreed to take my grand Maa for the trip and he booked the tickets also. The trip also went on good. Thank You  Sai Maa.
  • This is the experience that happened today. Yesterday my friends planned an outing to go to Sai Baba Ashram (it is the ashram of my teacher). I really wished to go there and see my Baba but the problem was taking the permission of my daddy. I prayed to Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba for giving the permission of my dad. And my Babas listened to my prayers. My dad agreed and I happily went on an outing with my friends to Sai Baba ashram today. I enjoyed a lot with friends and ashram kids. Really thanks a lot, Baba. Sorry for the late post. Forgive me Sai Maa. Baba blessed us for planning a trip to Shirdi the next month and we have booked the tickets also. Baba, please bless us with a nice trip the next month without any problem. I have full faith in You that You will call us to Your darbaar and we would have a nice darshan. Ganesha Sai Om Sai Ram.

Story 4 – Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says

Heart Touching Miracles

Frst of all, I would like to thank Hetalji and entire team members for this divine work, in which all Sai devotees can share their experiences. These experiences give hope to all, that Baba is always with us.

Today I am going to share my experience of Baba’s miracle. We came to the USA in August 2015 with lots of dreams. But felt surrounded by difficulties and bad lucks after reaching here. Within 3 months of times, my husband had the job problem. His manager used to say him that don’t have project after December. He was so worried about that. Later in December 2015, he lost his mother too. I felt, my husband was very low at that point of the period. In fact, he was so depressed. I used to keep giving him confidence and used to say, don’t worry Baba would help us. With full faith on Baba I started Nav Vrat and between this Nav vrat, my husband got a new job offer. Our all difficulties vanished with Baba’s grace. So, keep faith in Baba and surrender everything in Baba lotus feet. Baba always will be with us. Thank You.

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  1. Om sai ram! “If you want to see my Light, be ego-less and humble, and meditate on me… ~ SAI BABA do visit Shirdi once in a life time Om sairam


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