Hemis Festival : An Astounding And Lively Religious Event of Buddhist Community

Hemis Festival : An Astounding And Lively Religious Event of Buddhist Community

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Hemis Festival :  An Astounding And Lively Religious Event of Buddhist Community

Hemis Festival is one of the glowing and colourful festivities which celebrates the birth of regional divine champion- Lord Padmasambhava- who is the founder of Vajrayana Buddhism in the popular monasteries. It is observed in these two famous Tibetan Buddhist monasteries- Jangchub Choling Monastery and Hemis Monastery in Leh at Jammu & Kashmir.

Why Hemis Festival is celebrated?

Hemis Festival is an ultimate example of unity in diversity. It exhibits a cosmic message: There is more power in unity than division. Know how Buddhist community celebrates this holy festival vibrantly across Buddhist pilgrimages.

Hemis Festival – A perfect jumble of International Tourism and Indian pilgrims:

Buddhist followers outside India and within it, maintain an excellent atmosphere around the monasteries. People gather in a flock to remark the unique colour of festival. Close to the monasteries, a group of world-wide enthusiasts are observed who are caught either dancing on the traditional beats, singing the folk songs or involving themselves in various other cultural and ethnic activities.

Indian pilgrims-Hemis Festival

Hemis Festival – Acknowledging an important day to the universe:

With Hemis Festival, Indian and International culture together represents peace, integrity and harmony to the world. A passionate intensity can be seen among the devotees as they involve themselves in various zealous preparations and groundwork for the occasion.

Hemis Festival – The observance for the sacred rituals:

The entire festival is hosted and directed by the leading monks inside the monasteries. These foremost monks, priests and nuns take initiatives towards performing the premier functions. The sacred ritual and the customs are taken care by the supreme member of Buddhist community of men who typically lives under vows of simplicity, chastity, and obedience. It starts from pleasant and solitary prayers and rituals to Lord Padmasambhava.

Hemis Festival – The carnival preparations:

Leh residents and the pilgrims from other parts of Jammu & Kashmir display a passionate intensity towards the arrangements and preparations. They wear beautiful traditional outfits for the grand function like- vivid brocade dresses, customized hats and tinted beauteous masks. They cleanse up their various instruments including- long horns, drums, and cymbals to play in the festival at religious places.

Hemis-arrangements and preparations

Hemis Festival – A quirky Handicrafts Exhibition: An add-on for Shopping freaks:

Girls, women and ladies out there, a good news indeed, you can go for a hard-core shopping or else window shopping around the pilgrimages and monasteries. A wide variety of Handi- Crafts shops are showcased with various different antique jewelleries, traditional bags and purses along with show-pieces or artefacts like Buddhist idols, Tibetan gems and hand woven dresses outside the vicinity are temporarily settled to add charm to the festival indeed.

Hemis Festival – A speech by an intellectual narrator is a MUST

A famous dictator visits the divine ceremony inside the monastery ground and delineates true short- stories based on the real-incidents to portray some high moral standards to the individuals. She/he renders about the difference between good and evil. Just Like the other notable and eminent festivals in Leh and Ladakh, Hemis festival also marks the victory of good over evil.

Hemis Festival – Specialty: Yes, every festival has its own peculiar attraction:

-fanatics use bizarre masks props while solemnizing this festival and these fancy artificial faces are the prime facets of the dance.

Hemis festival-Specialty

-the traditional music played inside the monastery is worth-listening. The sound comes out from unwieldy trumpets, cymbals, and drums is so soothing and rejuvenating.

– followed by eye-catching dance moves and the peerless synchronization can be seen which matches with the sounds of the traditional music instruments.

– the Chams hold a momentous place in the Tantric traditions and customs of Buddhism. Thus, this mystic displays the culture and religious orientation of Ladakh.



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