The Heroic Mothers in Hindu Folklores

The Heroic Mothers in Hindu Folklores

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The Heroic Mothers in Hindu Folklores

Mothers are the epitomes of God.  In Hindu Mythology, there are plenty of tender-hearted Mothers who have done countless sacrifices for their kids.  These mothers are no lesser than beautiful exemplars of love, sacrifice, and motherhood. A mother is strong and plays almost every role flawlessly. She can be a good mentor, a peerless listener, the incomparable guardian and a best friend for his children.  It is morally right that no language can exhibit the strength, charm, bravery, and nobility of a mother’s tenderness.

The all-time favorite Mothers in Hinduism are Parvati, Yashoda, Kunti, Kaushalya and many more. Let’s know how these Mothers have now become the Best instances of their Kinds and how they become a role model for each of us.

The Mother of all Goddesses- the Embodiment of Power (Shakti) – Durga Maa

She is the personification of nature, the protector of Earth, the caretaker of her admirers, the destroyer of the ego and ignorance and the mother of her children. Yes, She is the Goddess of Power and Strength and undoubtedly, the most divine Motherly Character of Hindu Mythos.

Parvati : The most Creative mother Ever

Parvati - The most Creative mother Ever

Parvati- the mother of Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya and the exquisite consort of Lord Shiva.  Her fondness and endearment towards her both sons were peerless and unsurpassable. She is an amazing creator who forged his beloved son- Lord Ganesha (Vinayaka) with moulded clay. She herself created Ganesha with her own hand pervading life into a clay sculpture

Shakuntala : The Single Solitary Mother

Just Like Mother- Sita, there is one more dignity in Hindu Mythology who broke every record in bringing up his only Child-Bharat into a noble and majestic man. Shakuntala was the single sole mother, who brought up her son in the forest after challenging the father. She was the daughter of Sage-Vishwamitra and the Apsara Menaka. She always took a good care of his only son from the pain of renunciation and sufferings.

Sita : The Bravest Mother:

Sita: The Bravest Mother

She was one of the vigorous and the powerful Mothers of his time who left no stones unturned in upbringing up his twin sons- Luv and Kush on her own with utmost care and affection. Being the single mother, the guardianship which she gave to both of her sons were incredible and out of the world until they turned teens. She used to live with his children in the forests all alone (far away from their father and his majesty-Ayodhaya) and guided them on her self-made rules and terms. She was one of the elegant incarnations of Goddess-Laxmi.

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Kaushalaya : The Victimed Mother

Probably the most altruistic and decent lady of Hindu-religion. She was the angelic mother of Lord Rama and the first wife of King of Ayodhya- Dashrath. Her husband’s second wife- Kaikeyi played against Lord Rama and Laxmana and inhuman towards Kaushalaya. In spite of that, she did her pre-eminent motherly job and nurtured him through special care, protection. She tended him with good moral ethics and now he is the most reverenced man to date.

Yashoda : Krishna’s Non-Biological Mother

Yashoda: Krishna’s Non-Biological Mother

Yashoda Mayya was famous for his immense attachment and adoration towards Natkhat (naughty)- Krishna. Despite not being his real mother, the tremendous love she carried for Lord-Bal- Krishna was unusually good and matchless. When he was a kid, she always fostered him with the most unimpeachable and applauded motherly comportment. Her love and care for Krishna were unconditional and the world today takes her name as the mother of Krishna, However the real mother was- Devaki.

Kunti : The lion-hearted Mother

Kunti was well-known in Hindu-Mythology as the lion-hearted Mother of the five most powerful and robust warriors of epic-Mahabharata: Yudhisthira, Arjuna, and Bhim. Nakul and Sachdeva. They were popular as– Paanch-Pandava in Hindu-sculptures. Despite being the mother of his non-biological sons, she never discriminated and compared between the five Pandavas. Her gallant sons never squabbled over her decisions and even on her one command, the four of the Pandavas agreed on the part to assume his brother Arjuna’s wife their own wife. However, his only real son was Karna, born from Surya Dev, whom she abandoned due to societal pressures as she didn’t upraise him since she was not married.

A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world, it knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

These mythological mother characters are unparalleled, fierce, vehement and simultaneously showcase an inimitable and captivating personification towards their children. Mothers are always admired, cherished and revered for her countless obligations and affinity. They have already taken a place of Godhead and sanctity and will be memorialized till the perpetuity.

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