How Did Yama Became The God Of Death!

What will be your reaction when you see a green colored fearsome huge man, carrying deadly weapons and approaching towards you? You will run away from him! Right? But, unfortunately everyone of us will have to face him. He will drag us to his abode and torture us to unimaginable limits. Now, who is he? It’s the most feared Lord Yama – The God Of Death!

The God of death

As the nature’s cycle goes, all of us will have to die one day. We cannot take our wealth, name and fame with us but our Karma will follow us, even after death. Our good doings will be rewarded and bad punished. God has allotted Lord Yama to take care of the souls which have earned bad karma in their life.

According to the Vishnu Purana he is the son of Lord Surya and his wife sanjana – the daughter of Vishwakarma. Let’s now know that how he became the God of death.

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The God of death

Once Sanjana was pregnant and Lord Surya came to meet her. He gave her a loving gaze but in response Sanjana closed her eyes. The brightness of Lord Surya was so much that her eyes could not bear it, but Surya mistook it to be her unwillingness and irritation towards him. The raged Surya cursed his wife; “You will give birth to a son who will be the destroyer of creatures and a very fickle daughter.” This curse gave birth to Yama and Yami(Yamuna river)  The twins.

On the long run Sanjana could not bear the brilliance of the Sun and hence ran away to the earth. Afraid from his curses he sent Chayya to act as Sanjana to the Lord. Chayya lived happily with Surya and had many children with him, but was partial to Sanjana’s kids. Yama once enraged by her partiality raised his foot to kick her. Well this marked another curse!

Chayya cursed Yama of an infested leg with numerous worms living on his flesh. Seeing this ruthless curse realization dawned Lord Surya. He came to know all the truth and immediately went down to the earth to fetch Sanjana. He asked Vishwakarma to reduce his self radiance and then lived happily with his family.

The God of death

Curses can never be taken back and hence to reduce them Lord Surya

He said, “The worms, taking the flesh of Yama’s feet, shall fall down on the earth.” Because he was virtuous and impartial both towards his friends and enemies. Hence his father appointed him in the Regent of the Dead. This is how Lord Yama ended being the King Of Death

So, henceforth be careful about your Karma. Because, he is coming to grab you and punish you!

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