How do you deal with a broken heart? We know how you do.

Ahhh – the only condition of the heart that cannot be cured or treated by modern medicine’s potions and procedures – the broken heart!




Everyone has felt the pain of a broken heart. It can be painful, long-lasting, depressing and ruin your self-confidence. However, it does not always have to be a terrible ordeal. In fact, it can be a great time to learn more about you and grow as an individual and in your faith.

Let’s check out how people usually react to broken hearts according to their Zodiac signs.  Solutions to your reactions are also mentioned.






You seem to be impatient when complications come into your relationships. You usually end up in a heated argument and say a lot of hurtful things which you never really mean to then. There may be other reasons as well for the breakup you face but this also may be one of the stronger reasons.

When your partner leaves you behind and decides to move on, you tend to get hurt deeply. This becomes your major concern and you start taking all kind of negative decisions for your future.

But dear Aries, you are who you are and if things really do end, the best course of action for you is to move on and not cling to the past. Loneliness will only add to your bitterness and over time, it may be too late for you to rebuild your life.






Taurus, you tend to be a sentimental fool. Do not mind but this is true! You knowingly cling to a relationship which already seems dark. Do not always take decisions from your heart, certain things are meant to be thought by brains.

You get too disturbed by a breakup and start sitting ideal thinking about the reasons for it. You get so much involved that you tend to get back to your ex and start convincing him to get back.

Please try to move on and do not mess with the past. If possible go out for a break and discover yourself. Nature may act as a quite good healer for you.






You are not that expressive about your feelings in a relationship.

You seem to be stronger than most folks out there when it comes to dealing with pain and painful break-ups. On coming across break-ups you handle it cleverly without affecting your career or family. You socialize and keep yourself extraordinarily busy to forget the pain amidst the chaos. But, the bad part is that you lose faith in love and fear to get into another relationship.

It works but you need to start believing in life again. Letting go of the past and embracing the present will bring you freedom from the pain.






Cancer, you get easily hurt and you wish you weren’t so vulnerable. You tend to trust people easily and start imagining your life with them.

When heartbreak comes your way, you find it difficult to digest. Things seem difficult to you and hence you become emotionally down in every aspect.

To avoid such situations in life, it’s important for you to protect yourself and take your time before trusting someone blindly. By surrounding yourself with loved ones, you will feel strong enough in such situations.





You are known for your strength and ability to cope well under difficult situations. Breakups are well handled by you but only if you get your own space. Someone continuously reminding you of your past may affect your mental stability.

Talking to a close friend about the problems will help you a lot. When left alone, you have the capacity to find out new ways to move yourself from the emotional trauma.






People have the misconception of you being one of the coldest among all the Zodiac signs. No one knows of the loving and vulnerable soul hidden behind that cold person. You always give your best to a relationship but things usually do not work out for you.

On having a breakup, you tend to move on quickly and take it as a lesson. People often consider you as an positive example in this matter.

In case you are finding trouble in getting over a broken relationship then socialize, socialize and socialize. Because, this is what you are skilled at.






You are a happy soul and ensure that everyone associated with you stays happy.

For you breakup takes you by surprise but you never show it to anyone. You sail through life’s problems with a smile on your face and you are too tough to give in to misery for too. In your case, pain is always a short-lived experience.

Your constant attempts to enrich life will help you overcome difficulties. You can always speak to people experience in such situations to take inspiration.






You are quite dedicated in your relationship and often expect loyalty and complete attention. Any deviation from this may make you feel that your relationship is vague.

When you get hurt, you ensure you make others pay for the hurt they have caused you. You may forgive as time passes by but you never forget. A part of you enjoys holding on to this pain as it makes you feel alive. You hate to admit it but emotions do run deep in your case and you easily get hurt.

Not giving in to your urges to seek revenge will help you find happiness again.






You are a person who always remains engrossed in practical living. Too much attachment in a relationship is not your piece of bread. You are an easygoing person and you never hold on to grudges. You forget and move on.

This attitude of yours makes life easy for you and for others too. But don’t let this become the reason for others driving themselves away from you. Being too detached is not always a good thing.





Capricorn, people see you as a cold and shrewd person but everything you do, you do it for the people you love and adore. If you don’t express your true feelings ever, how will people get to see how kind you actually are?

When you come across a breakup you start feeling lonely and prefer remaining with all the lights off. This may make your brains slow and you start thinking negatively.

A new relationship may help you get over the past but you have to truly let go and not cling to past memories.






You are a person who is always ready to help others. This nature of yours may put you in trouble. You go the similar way for your relationships as well. This in turn gives rise to expectations from your partner.

You may be treated as a doormat. When it comes to break-ups you will feel really bad and all your wishes will be shattered.

For you, staying focused on this journey and not getting bogged down by life’s problems is important. Consider going for outings and socializing with your friends.






You have a habit of bringing out flaws in everyone. This may be the major cause of break-up in your relationship if you had any.

When you come across a break-up you tend to be very sensitive and vulnerable. This leads to unnecessary pain and sufferings. You keep on blaming your ex instead of recognizing your own flaws.

You usually go in a deep depression in such situations but then get back to normal soon. This is a good quality but please take care that you do not hurt many.


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