5 Ayurveda Tips: How to be naturally beautiful during Winters

Frosty and cold winters are here again! Majority of the people want to hide themselves in their beds and wait until winter is over. What kind of a person are you? Are you in love with these cold grey winter days or already worried about your skin, hair and other body parts? Well, we should not forget and always remember, winter is a season of recovery, healthy lifestyle and growing better. There is a beauty about winters; it brings in lots of pampering that no other season can. Usually in winters, mood depends on how does your skin looks.

Ayurveda accepts the fact that real beauty is contrived of four essentials- a fostered body, a flawless skin, a nurtured mind, and a soothing soul. With the blend of all these vital constituents, a perfect and true beauty is concocted. Embrace a few daily Ayurveda rituals into your regular routine and look unusually good like never before.

Ayurveda Tips 1. Face Glow: Own a beautiful glowing skin

Ayurvedic tips

Everybody dreams of a healthy, bright and glowing skin not only in winters but all year round, winter would be no different. Try this enhanced technique to possess an unrivaled shine and blush on your face. Apply this magical Ayurvedic face pack twice a week and let your skin shine through.

Take some Tulsi (Basil) leaves and raw milk (1 tea spoon) and blend these both ingredients nicely to make a fine paste. Apply the mixture on your face and pat it dry for 20 minutes. Rinse off with normal cold water and let it naturally dry.

Ayurveda Tips 2. Anti-Aging: Age is Just a Number

Discover the beauty of winter and know chunks of beauty secrets in Ayurveda style. This winter skincare essential is no lesser than a boon for your aging skin since Aging is merely a fact of life, but looking your age is not. So always take a good care of your aging skin too.

The face pack made up of curd and orange peel always works wonder on an aging face. Pour some curd or yogurt (1 table spoon) in a bowl and add equal amount of orange peel powder. Make a thin paste out of it and smear the pack all over your face. Leave the mask for half n hour or until it gets dried. Wash off this Ayurvedic pack with warm water and soak the face with a fresh clean towel.

Ayurveda Tips 3. Acne Free Skin: Pimple Pimple Go Away

Every woman should know how to take a good care of her skin, regardless of age. She should also learn how to be her own skincare maestro and try not to make pimples and acne your friends. Beautify your skin with this remedy and get rid of stubborn acne scars and pimples marks.

The mother of all clays- Multani Mitti (fuller’s earth) does miracle when get amalgamated with Coconut Oil. Take one teaspoon of fuller’s earth and blunge a teaspoon full of coconut oil in it. Mix these astounding natural ingredients and apply this Ayurvedic paste on the acne scars and pimple-prone area. Leave the pack for 20 minutes and cleanse it off.

Tips 4. Fairer complexion: Stay Fair, Stay Beautiful

The best thing is to look naturally fair and beautiful. Be porcelain and perfect this winter season and try this unmatched skin lightening and whitening secret Mask for a bright-white look. This natural Ayurvedic face pack for a fairer complexion also de-tans the skin texture and makes it a bit smooth and polished.

Get a fresh aloe vera stem from the plant and amass the bulky gel apart with a fork after extracting the thorns. Grind the gel and squeeze some lemon drops over it. Give the mixture a good stir. Apply on the entire face for 15 minutes and let it dry. Pat it Scour gently with a moist towel or sponge it off with water.

Tips 5. Hair: Let your Hair do the talking

Ayurvedic tips

Nonpareil hair does not happen by chance. It happens by a good Ayurvedic fostering. This peerless Ayurvedic tip can restore the natural growth of your hair and bless you with surprisingly gorgeous silk with superb shine. Invest in your hair; it is the crown you never take off.

The mixture of 2 teaspoon Shikakai Powder, half a teaspoon Amla Powder and half a teaspoon Reetha Powder (2: 1: 1 ratio) is no less than a blessing to hair. Blend the powders into a big bowl with the help of lukewarm water and keep it overnight (at least for 8-10 hours for better results). Apply the blended mixture on to the roots including scalp and let it dry for at most 1 hour or so. Wash the hair with normal water and do not rub them with a towel rather let them dry naturally.

Hope you find these amazing Ayurvedic Tips super effective and potent. Say a forever goodbye to chemical loaded products, make-up artifacts and other harsh substances that you use on face, body and hair to make them silky and soft and simultaneously welcome healthy, bright, dazzling skin that draws millions attention. Redirect to these healthy Ayurvedic Nuskhe (tips) to get flawless skin throughout all four seasons and restore the disappeared glow of your skin naturally with Ayurveda.

Give a try to these Ayurveda tips and let other people know the beneficial outcomes and post-effects of these herbal masks. Leave your replies and feedback under the comment sections after giving a hit to these Natural repairs.


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