Diwali Celebration at Office: We know Work is Boring, Here is what Interesting!

Diwali Celebration in Office

Diwali Celebration in Office: We know Work is Boring, Here is what Interesting!

Dazzling earthen lamps, vivid lights, finger-licking foods and mesmerizing rangolis are the real gems in Diwali celebration! Diwali, being the festival of fun, gaiety and jollification is a sheer time to get a taste of Indian culture. Have you ever thought of celebrating Diwali festivities at work? Sounds dull?

Indeed, the festive fever gets tedious, lifeless and even unexciting if we do not get chance to visit our hometown or native place as to be sure, we miss the sugary delicacies, made my mom. Since, we know work is boring and even becomes monotonous, if lacks fun, excitement and variety to do during the festivals.

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Diwali celebration ideas in Office

How about making diwali celebration, a way interesting, unlike your daily routine at work? Follow these easy and simple ways to make it a grand celebration whilst your workplaces are getting adorned and preparing arrangements for the big merrymaking Diwali.

Diwali Office Activities

Diwali at Office | Color Activity on Diwali

Participation in Diwali contests like- Diya making, cubical decoration, Tambola, Talent Show and colourful Rangoli are a fewer interesting activities, people take interest in to avoid boredom and dullness. Be a part of these thundering competitions and win exciting prizes!


Diwali Puja/Pooja at Office

A small and happening Diwali Puja/Pooja at the centre would definitely energise you in the middle of boring work during Diwali days. Solemnize the six day festivities by following proper traditional rituals with utter devotion and euphoria to skip the homesickness.

Diwali Puja at Office

Diwali Games at Office

HRs and Managements Teams plan and manage games inside the office area for the employees in the course of Diwali festival to shun the frustration of not going home on the foremost occasion of the millennium-Diwali. The management really try their level best and schedule a series of events to recall and glorify Indian culture.

Diwali Office Bay Decoration

Diwali office bay decoration themes now-days are in trend throughout the course of Diwali and everyone wants his/her bay to look more attractive than their next sitting co-workers. They hit hard and work a lot by decorating their respective bays in most trending styles. Spare a place at your desk’s corner and make a theme- based Rangoli.

  • Innovative Diwali Rangolis
  • Diya Decorations
  • Decorate with fresh flowers
  • Set up a theme for Diwali Party and let the decorations be accordingly
  • Celebrate Festival Of Lights With Balloons
  • Lights & Flower Garlands Decoration For Diwali
  • Diwali Paper lanterns Or Lampshades
  • Diwali Office Decoration With Lighted Glass
Diwali Office Bay Decoration

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Wear Ethnic and look classy

How about looking traditional on this big Indian Festival with a twist of ethnic attire? Ethnic wear on Diwali festival can be something that marks the authenticity of your native culture or else any rural dress that fits your personality and the environment at work. Make an effort and experiment with the modish outfit to rock the office floor.

Diwali celebration at Office

Diwali celebration at Office Mail

Emails build company culture, support team-building and engage people socially and casually. Draft a splendid email to one and all and mark a smile on their faces by your cheery and humorous Diwali messages via emails. This is something they have never thought for!

Diwali celebration at Office Mail

Exchange Gifts and Show Gratitude

Diwali is all about food, crackers and exchanging gifts to your loved ones. So why not make your co-workers, colleagues and managers contented and happy by giving gifts on this auspicious occasion at office? It is a chance to make this wonderful revelry memorable for everybody around through your polite gratitude and gestures.

Exchange Gifts

Perfect Potluck Party at Lunch

Host a holly jolly food party or potluck supper together to kill the hunger. Organise a small snacks party at Lunch time by keeping the things simple and ask everyone to bring some handmade cuisines at work along with them to beat the festive cravings. Relaxing with hand-cooked foods at office cafeteria would be a hit for sure.

Perfect Potluck Party at Lunch

Diwali Posters and Diwali Wishes Quotes

Arrange a systematic wall on one of the corners near your bay by fixing a white/black board for creative Diwali posters and Diwali wishes quotes after picking a suitable Diwali theme. Ask everyone to jott down and draw anything related to Diwali with their respective signatures. Let the co-workers write their heart out with positive vibes, energy and cheerfulness on Diwali theme.

Diwali Office Celebration

Give a Pataka Nick-Name

Everyone at office once in their entire time, be secretly nominated with a gawky nickname by other colleagues. It could be possible that these cheeky pet names might have not been revealed in front of everybody else. So, Diwali is the right time to reward and disclose those funny and amusing names (on theme based) which would cause laughter and provide entertainment. Make sure, no one gets angry and annoyed.

Office Celebration

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and Shubh Deepawali!!

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